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Information Retention & Access

Which one of the following actions would not be included in the professional obligations of the health information practioner that lead to responsible handling of patient health information? Take a compromising position toward optimal interpretation of nonspecific regulations and laws.
If there is more than one patient with the identical last name, first name, and middle initial, the master patient index entries are then arranged according to the date of birth.
Which one of the following is NOT a step in developing a record retention schedule? assigning all records the same retention period
What type of filing system is being used if records are filed in the following order: 12-23-75, 12-34-29, 12-35-71, 13-42-14, and 14- 32-79? straight numeric
If there are 150,000 records and the HIM Department receives 3,545 requests for records within a given period of time, what is the request rate? 2.4%
Which of the following would not be an advantage of a centralized filing system? There is less transportation time and effort when a facility operates from several sites.
In a terminal digit filing system, what would be the record number immediately in front of record number 01-06-26? 00-06-26
Which one of the following corrective actions would be most effective in reducing the delay in retrieval of requested records?
Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of a computerized master patient index? Duplication of patient registration can never occur.
Color coding of record folders is used to assist in the control of misfiles.
Which of the following would NOT be considered secondary data? x-ray
Under the Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990, advance directives are not required to be included in the health record.
A 200-bed acute care hospital currently has 15 years of records in hard copy and filing space is limited. What action should be taken? Destroy inactive records that exceed the statute of limitations.
Which filing system would provide the most convenient method for the record retrieval of 200 patients consecutively admitted to the hospital? straight numeric
What is the chief criterion for determining record inactivity? amount of space available for storage of newer records
Out of 2,543 records requested from the HIM Department, 2,375 were located. What is the filing accuracy rate? 93.39%
Which set of records filed consecutively on a shelf displays terminal digit filing order?
In the master patient index, which is filed by last name, Jill Thomas-Jones would be T-H-O-M-A-S-J-O-N-E-S, J-I-L-L
According to terminal digit filing, what would be the number of the record immediately after record number 99-99-30? 00-00-31
Your state regulations require records to be kept for a statute of limitations period of 7 years. Federal law requires records to be retained for 5 years. The minimum retention period for health records in your facility should be 7 years.
Which of the following technologies works best with automated record-tracking systems to speed the data entry process? bar codes
2,540 linear filing inches. Each of the shelves in a new 6-shelf unit measures 36 linear filing inches. An additional 400 filing inches should be planned for to allow for 5-year expansion needs. How many new file shelving units should be purchased?
Microfilmed records are considered acceptable as courtroom evidence.
A Committee plans to review the records of all patients who were admitted with CHF in the month of January 2013. Which of the following indices would be the best source in locating the needed records?
When using stationary open-shelf files, ________ inches are recommended for aisles between file units. 36
In a manual record-tracking system, no record should be removed from the file without being replaced by a(n)
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