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NWHSU PnP3 Midterm

NWHSU PnP3 Midterm Mash

There is an abundance of information about the scientific foundations of the indications for and effects of manipulation in any form. False
Third parties are increasing the demand for accountability for the chiropractic profession and its procedures. True
The Kominski model represents an algorithm, used to evaluate technique procedures, which emphasizes the flow of decision making by representing a logical progression of questions that should be asked of any procedure under evaluation. True
Despite Chiropractors claims that their forms of spinal manipulation are superior, this profession has yet to experimentally s……….. True
Outcome measures are used to obtain information necessary to establish a diagnosis False
Treatment patterns tend to vary based on the training and philosophy of the practitioner rather than being based on the specific clinical picture displayed by the patient. True
CCE standards do not ensure that all accredited colleges teach the same chiropractic technique procedures. True
The reliance on a single evaluative tool is not for the application of a therapeutic intervention is not considered sound clinical practice. True
Standards of care in clinical practice have their greatest utility in clinical education but are also used by quality assurance committees, malpractice underwriters, utilization review organizations, licensing and accreditation boards. True
The term effectiveness relates to which intervention produces the best results or outcomes under specific constraints. True
One of the frequently used procedures and taught at most chiropractic colleges Diversified
Developed and promoted by Dr. Arlan Fuhr. Activator
Utilizes full spine radiography, line drawing ,motion palpation, and thermocouple instrumentation. Gonstead
Uses a handheld mechanical adjusting devise. Activator
Developed and promoted by Dr. George Goodheart Applied Kinesiology
Developed and promoted by Dr. Major Dejarnete SOT
Developed and associated with Dr. States and national College of chiropractic (also joe janse) diversified
The adjustment effect is thought to ___ (act?) primarily on intervertebral disc. gonstead
Padded wedges (blocks) are placed under the pelvis to influence low back mechanics. sot
The primary evaluation procedure is a muscle test used to therapy a localize lesion. applied kinesiology
Uses a Hylo table, pelvic bench, knee-chest table, and a cervical chair. gonstead
The evaluation places the patient in one of 3 categories. sot
The evaluation uses isolation testing with leg length inequality. activator
Developed and promoted by Dr. Jim Cox flexor distraction
Developed by Dr. Henri Gillet and promoted by Dr. Leonard Faye. motion palpation
Primary effect is thought to be long axis movement to influence intradiscal pressure. flexor/distraction
Evaluative procedures to identify loss of accessory movements motion palpation
Requires the mechanical assistance of a moving pelvic piece. flexor/distraction
Theorized mechanism for producing mechanical effects from light force adjustments procedure is mechanoreceptors coactivation. activator
Adjustment characterized as High velocity, low amplitude in which the release is delayed after the thrust is given to supposedly have a more favorable affect on the soft tissue. gonstead
The collected works drew on work by osteopaths. diversified
Concepts and equipment drawn from the work of osteopaths- Mcmanus flexor/distraction
Theoretical mechanism is to restore normal functioning to the central and peripheral nervous system through the effects on the meninges. sot
There is great variation in the evaluative tools used by chiropractors to identify the spinal manipulative lesion. Discuss why this is considered a problem and develop an appropriate solution? opinion
What is the most reliable evaluative procedure for determining the presence of Joint Dysfunction/Subluxation? It has not been established that any adjustive or evaluative procedure is more or less effective than any other conditions ....only different
What are the 5 factors of the IVF which come from Applied Kinesiology? nervous system neurolymphatic reflexes neurovascular reflexes cerebrospinal fluid acupuncture meridian connectors
Discuss what is meant by the Scholar/Practitioner and why it is important? ?fit the treatment (e.g. technique)to patient, rather than the patient to treatment?critical appraisal Systematically examine evidence validity, results and relevance
What is a cavitation, and what is its significance? synovial joint pressure changes molecular matter phase from liquid to gas and back to liquid (e.g. H2O to CO2 ["pop's"] to H20); no significance
List the categories of effects of manipulation on normal and abnormal joints. Decrease pain Increase ROM Increase pain tolerance Raise beta-endorphin levels Impacts nerves between body and organs
What would be a concern over the professions major research funding agency, F.C.E.R. publishing a brochure that states: CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!...RESEARCH PROVES IT….. CHIROPRACTIC WORKS! opinion
Created by: AnatomyMash
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