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Chapter 3 part 2


What has management responsibility for the CM Program? COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
What establishes policy and procedures for configuration id. and management of necessary engineering changes with respect to content, cost, evaluation, timing of processing, and implementation? NAVAIRINST 4130.1
What will be the governing and primary screening tool for TD compliance of all aircraft and aircraft engines? NAVAIR 00-500C
What is a process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance and functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life? CM
What direct the modification or one-time inspection of all COMNAVAIRSYSCOM procured equipment, in either the contractor's, Navy's or MArine Corps unit? TDs
What is used for recording, by specific aircraft, engines, and equipment, the applicability and incorporated or not incorporated data for all TDs requiring logbook/records or CM ALS records update? TDSA Program
At any given time, the annotated List No. 02 and current what will reflect the TD status of aircraft? List # 04
Appropriate flight clearances are obtained from COMNAVAIRSYSCOM per what instruction? OPNAVINST 3710.7
WHat provides the means to ensure aircraft weight and center of gravity remain within established limits? W & B Program
W & B personnel shall weigh aircraft per what, and the weighing instructions in Chart E for the specific T/M/S aircraft? NAVAIR 01-1B-50
W & B personnel shall maintain, for at least how long, a record of the basic weight and moment at time of weighing and at time of delivery for all aircraft weighed at the facility? 5 years
Responsibilities for W&B clearance for flight operations, including ferry flights, are in what instruction? OPNAVINST 3710.7
Specific IMA/FRC gas turbine engine 3 degree assignments are in what? NAVAIR NOTE 4700
WHat is a diciplined logic which establishes required failure management strategies? RCM
IMAs/FRCs will accomplish and document engine, engine accessory, and component teardown inspoections per requirements established by the what? ISSC
If the required maintenace action is within the receiving IMAs/FRCs capability, the engine should be inducted into the repair cycle within how many days of receipt? 30
What is rework of repairable componentts poerformend by one service for another? Interservice support
What is intended to ensure proper fleet introduction of new or modified ALSS? FAILSAFE Program
What issues the policies, procedures, and responsibilites for activities supporting or performing ordanance maintanance? OPNAVINST 5100.27/MCO 5104.1
GFE will usually have a WUC of what or higher? 51000
WHat is a relocateable tactical shelter? Mobile Facility
Management responsibility of the MF Program is assigned by that instruction? NAVAIRINST 13670.1
The primary accountability for aviation MFs and major relater equipment is the what? LIR
THe allowance document for Navy MFs is the mobile facility page of the what? WSPD
Materials beyond the repair capability of the IMA, including the manufacture of parts, shall be referred to the what for further action? ASD
WHat established a process to evaluate the material condition of fleet aircraft? ASPA Program
What instruction requires an ASPA evalution b/w 6 months prior to and 3 months after PED of each ASPA aircraft to determine its general material condition relative to established induction criteria? OPNAVINST 3110.11
As a general guideline no more than how many months should elapse between the ASPA inspection and the resulting adjusted PED? 18
Those activities with complements of more than how many aircraft may schedule up to 10 percent of total complement simultaneously for ASPA evaluation? 30
OPNAVINST 3110.11 requires rework induction not later than how many days after the current PED when the ASPA evaluation determines the aircraft general material condition satisfies rework induction criteria? 90
What program includes aircraft conversion, service life extension, update, expansion or change of mission capability, and improvement of combat capability? Conversion In Lieu Of Procurement Program
What program includes incorporation of D-level technical directives, inspection of aircraft for corrosion damageand repair as required, and evaluation of the material condition of theaircraft paint system? MCAPP
Waht program is the removal of installed equipment from a stricken or damaged aircraft or rngine prior to disposal? RILOP
What program is the restoration or replacement of primary aircraft structures that have reached fatigue life limits? SLEP
What program provides for accurate fatigue life tracking of individual aircraft component service life limits specified as fatigue indexes rater than flight hour limits? SAFE
THE SAFE Program Reports are publ8ished how often by COMNAVAIRSYSCOM? Quarterly
What program provides policy and assigns responsibilities to assure continuing structural safety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft throughout their assigned service life? Stuctural Life Limits
ALL levels of maintenance are responsible for ensuring structural life limited items and components do not exceed the specified limits per NAVAIRINST 13120.1 for fixed wing and what instruction for rotary wing aircraft? NAVAIRINST 13130.1
What program provides an on-condition inspection developed to address special requirements of F/A -18 series aircraft? PACE
Aircraft aand components having life limits with reoccuring inspections not listed in the Service Life Bulletins or MRC decks will be identified as what, via naval message, due to the lack of a structural repair manual? LLR components
Certified welders shall complete the minimum required OJT per what prior to being allowed to weld on aeonautical components? NAVAIR 01-1a-34
The recertification interval for I-level aeronautical welders is how long for both millitary and civilian personnel? 1 year
Proficiency demonstration and sustained certification requires Welder's Log documentation from the WCS of a QAR that the welder has welded at least 1 ferrous and 1 non fereous item every how many days in any process? 30
ACC/TYCOMs may extend certification of welders for a maximum of how many days in cases where test welds have been submitted but results and recertification documentation have not been received from the cognizant examination and evaluation facility? 90
what issues the policies, procedures, and responsibilities for activities supporting or performing ordinance maintenance? OPNAVINST 8000.16
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