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Unit 1

Paris Peace Conferance

Led American delegation at Paris Peace Treaty Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow wanted to ____ Germany rebuild
Woodrow wanted ________ for many European countries self determination
a nations right to make desicions for their people Self determination
League of Nations is an example of collective security
Main reason for the League of Nations to stop wars
Prime Minister of France George Clemenceau
GC wanted to _____ Germany destroy
GC wanted severe _____ reparations
Prime Minister of England David Lloyd George
DLG wanted Germany to ______ remain strong as a trade partner
DLG wanted Germany's ______ Overseas terratorries
Speech made by Woodrow 14 points speech
14 points wanted no ___ more alliances
14 Points wanted ____ fare trade
14 Points wanted freedom of the _____ seas
14 points wanted disarmament for ______ everybody
14 Points wanted the return of ______ Russian terratories held by Germany
14 Points wanted ______ returned to ______ Alsace-Lorraine ; France
14 Points wanted the formation of ______ The League of Nations
14 points wanted self-______ determination
During what treaty did Germany accept the responsibility for WW1? Treaty of Versailles
What country gained access to the sea due to map changes during the Paris Peace Treaty? Poland
What terratory was returned to France? Alsace Lorraine
Whose colonies were forfieted to the League of Nations? Germany
What was the limit on Germany's Army 100,000 men
What were 2 things Germany was not allowed after the Treaty of Versailles? Unification with Austria, Navy, or Air force
What was the strip of land between France and Germany that was demilitarized? The Rhineland
What did Germany lose? merchant fleet
Which 3 countries did not join the League of Nations? Russia, Germany and USA
What year did women get the right to vote? 1919
What was Prohibition? banning of alcohol
Clemenceau thought the Germans had been treated ______ at Versailles. too leniently
What were the official languages at the conferance? English and French
David Lloyd George was _____. welsh
When and how did Clemenceau die? Feb 1919, shot
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