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US I Final


John Deere & Cyrus McCormick steel plow & reaper
Elias Howe & I.M. Singer sewing machine & foot treadle
Charles Goodyear vulcanized rubber
Samuel F. B. Morse telegraph improved communication
Dorothea Dix mental illness
William Lloyd Garrison The Liberator
Harriet Tubman Underground railroad
Elizabeth Blackwell 1st female doctor
Frederick Douglass former slave - abolitionist - The North Star
Stephen Austin led 300 families to Texas
Sam Houston only American president of Texas
Joseph Smith founded the Mormon faith
Brigham Young led Mormons to Utah
James K. Polk went to war with Mexico for land - believed in Manifest Destiny
Zachary Taylor general of Mexican War - future president
Henry Clay the great compromiser
John Brown led slave revolt at Harpers Ferry
Abraham Lincoln won 1860 presidential election
South Carolina 1st state to secede from the Union
States in the Confederacy 11
Border states maryland, missouri, kentucky, delaware
Jefferson Davis only president of the Confederate
Antietam first major Union win
Andrew Johnson succeeded Lincoln as president
Thirteenth amendment abolished slavery
Civil Rights act of 1866 did not provide 40 acres and a mule
scalawags and carpetbaggers tried to either help or profit from Reconstruction
Plessy vs Ferguson "seperate but equal" was legal
standardized time zones created for railroad companies & train travelers
Interstate Commcerce Act tried to lower excessive railroad rates
transcontinental railroad was not built by native born workers
Grangers organization created by farmers to improve agricultural methods
telephone & typewriter created jobs for women
steel production Carnegie did not cut the quality of his steel
Grover Cleveland served two nonconsecutive presidential terms
James Garfield 2d president assassinated
Chester A. Arthur signed the Pendleton Act
Gilded Age referred to political corruption
American Federation of Labour founded for skilled workers (Gompers)
Andrew Carnegie made his fortune in steel
John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil
Eugene V. Debs organized the American Railway Union
Mother Jones led a childrens' march to protest working conditions
August Spies convicted of the Haymarket bombing
Edwin Drake drilled for oil in Titusville, PA
Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter
Mark Twain author known for his wit and satirical writings
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone
imperialism was not fueled by a need for cheap labour
Hawaii did not become a US posession from the spanish american war
Valeriano Weyler Spanish general accused of forcing Cubans into concentration camps
USS Maine ship that exploded in Havana Harbour
Emilio Aguinaldo Filipino general who first fought with then against Americans
protectorate a country controlled by a stronger power
commonwealth what puerto rico became
sugar plantations owned by American businessmen in Hawaii
George Dewey commanded the American fleet in the Pacific
William Sampson commanded the American fleet in the Caribbean
William McKinley president during the Spanish American war
Spanish American War official reason to go to war was to help the Cubans
Manifest Destiny referred to the expectation that the US would expand westward
Alamo became the battle cry for Texas independence
Santa Fe trail began in Independence, Missouri and ended in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Henry David Thoreau author and abolitionist who opposed the Mexican war
Compromise of 1850 included a stricter fugitive slave law
Wilmot Proviso proposed outlawing slavery in newly acquired territories
Winfield Scott & Stephen Kearny heroes from the Mexican War
Fugitive Slave law apprehended runaway slaves
Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
Charles Sumner antislavery senator beaten by Preston Brooks
Dred Scott supreme court rules against
Stephen A. Douglas proposed the concept of popular sovereignty
Nativism favoring native born people over immigrants
Lincoln Douglas debates issue was slavery
early Civil War battles won by the south
Winfield Scott devised the three prong strategy to defeat the South
Great Britain Lincoln changed the reason for the war to slavery so Great Britain would not side with the south
Emancipation Proclamation did not free slaves in the border states
Stonewall Jackson killed after the battle of Chancellorsville
William Tecumseh Sherman instructed his men to target civilians on their path of destruction
Richmond capital of the confederacy
Radical Republicans wanted the south to be punished for the war
freedman's bureau did not help former slaves receive the vote
sharecroppers rarely became independent farmers
poll taxes and literacy tests ways to keep black males from voting
Santa Anna dictator of Mexico
Robert Shaw died with his men at Fort Wagner
Ulysses S. Grant author, politician, president and military officer
Robert Anderson surrendered fort sumter
George McClellan fired by Lincoln
Fort Sumter where the war began
Gettysburg began when Lee's men were looking for slaves
Bull Run Confederate victory
Shiloh Northern win
Davy Crockett died at the Alamo
Oliver Kelly founded the Grange
Samuel Gompers founded the American Federation of Labour
Henry David Thoreau author, abolitionist who opposed the Mexican war
Robert E. Lee refused Lincoln's request to command the Union troops
Charles Darwin author and scientist
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