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Chapter 2


Typically, a CV/N maintains over how many stock records? 40,000
What is an automated file of stock records in R-Supply? Stock Item Table (SIT)
Which account consist of all consumables, FLR, and DLR material excluding ammo, provisions, and boiler fuel? NWCF
What specifies all repair parts, special tools' RSSs, and surface MAMS required to maintain the ship? COSAL
COMNAVAIRFOR afloat activities should adhere to what series and the Force Medical guidance to manage AMAL and ADAL material? COMNAVAIRPACINST 4441.25
For which item s are No Drop and Limit Flags required? DLRs
What is the most important inventory management report supply stock managed onboard? SAMMA/SAL
What is defined as levels of stock, which exceed the sum of SAL ans AR? RAB
What are created by expenditure transactions such as issues, transfers, inventory adjustments, and an increased allowance and RO? Stock Deficiencies
Repairables require what type of management? 1 for 1
Deficiencies caused by normal expenditure transactions shall be funded by what funds? NWCF
Immediately after a regular reorder, allowance material on hand plus on order shall exceed what percentage? 98%
If the gap between range and depth exceeds how many percentage points, you should investigate and correct the problem? 5
Whose policy is to restrict material to a single storeroom location where possible TYCOM
If the NIIN entered does not currently exist in RSUPPLY, the system shall suspend the record unless the NIIN is established first using what function? Maintain Stock Item
Who has the primary responsibility for COSAL maintenance actions? Maintenance Support Center
Who shall ensure all COSAL related correspondence, which have or will have an impact on supply support to get routed to the Supply Department? SUPPO
What consolidates all pen and ink changes, new and/ or revised APLs and AELs, and OPNAV 4790/CK generated APLs and AELs into a single report tailored to the unit? Monthly COSAL Maintenace Action Report MCMAR
who shall ensure timely processing of ASI configuration and logistic data? Ship's 3M Coordinator
What forms are used to report equipment configuration errors when the equipment installed on the ship and the equipment supported in the COSAL do not agree? OPNAV 4790/CK
How many types of support errors may exist in a ship's COSAL? 4
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