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Civil War Test

Vocab and People

the general that got his nickname at the first battle at Bull Run Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
the first state to secede South Carolina
single bloodiest day Antietam
new type of warfare trench warfare
the battle where Lee defeats Burnside Battle of Fredericksburg
won the election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln
the President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis
the father of our modern navy Admiral Farragut
the battle in which Grant won control of the Mississippi Battle of Vicksburg
Little Roundtop was the most important landform in this battle Battle of Gettysburg
when Sherman killed and destroyed everything total war
Lee surrenders here Appomattox
when Sherman went from Atlanta to Savannah march to the sea
prices increase faster than wages inflation
payment to join bounty
Confederate soldier Rebel
Union soldier Yankee
mandatory service in the army draft
closing of ports blockade
due process habeas corpus
the battle where Hooker lost to Lee Battle of Chancellorsville
the battle where "Stonewall" Jackson dies Battle of Chancellorsville
8 states in the Confederacy Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina
6 reasons why the Civil War is important 1. destroys the South's economy 2. caused economic growth in North and West 3. industrialization starts 4. slaves are freed 5. power of federal government is established 6. creates bitterness between North and South
4 swing states Missouri, Maryland, Kentucky, Delaware
4 Southern strengths 1. whites believe in cause and want to fight 2. know land and are defending their homes 3. better officers 4. Jefferson Davis who graduated from West Point
5 Southern weaknesses 1. small population 2. lacks industry 3. doesn't produce as much food as North 4. poor railroad system 5. states' rights
states govern themselves states' rights
6 Union strengths 1. large population 2. more industry and resources 3. better banking system 4. more ships and most of navy 5. better and larger rail system 6. Abraham Lincoln's intelligence and dedication
4 Union weaknesses 1. had to invade South 2. shaky public support 3. mediocre officers 4. border states were barely loyal
4 Southern strategies 1. win and get their independence recognized 2. defensive war 3. fight only in the South 3. get help from England and France
how did the Union plan on winning the war blockade the South, control the Mississippi, and capture Richmond
Confederate capital Richmond
why did the North fight to bring back the Southern states
what later became a goal for the Union end slavery
age of the average recruit 25
where did most of the men come from farms
who gets to fight for the North later on in the war African Americans
first major battle of the war Bull Run/Manassas
2 generals that fought in Bull Run/Manassas McDowell (North) vs. Beauregard & Jackson (South)
who retreats in the Battle of Bull Run/Manassas North
who leads the army of the Potomac McClellan (North)
a captured Union frigate covered in iron and used to attack Union ships Merrimack
the first true ironclad Monitor
first modern naval engagement in the war Monitor vs. Merrimack
who is in charge of capturing the Mississippi Grant (North)
2 generals that fought at the Battle of Shiloh Grant (North) vs. Beauregard & Johnston (South)
who wins the Battle of Shiloh Beauregard & Johnston (South)
2 generals that fought in the Seven Days Battle McClellan (North) vs. Lee (South)
who wins the Seven Days Battle Lee (South)
who is the eyes and ears of the Southern army J.E.B. Stuart
who takes over McClellan's job Pope (North)
what happens when Pope tries to march on Richmond fights at Bull Run instead
who wins the second Battle of Bull Run South
in this battle Lee is ordered to attack the North hoping to bring France and Britain into the war Battle of Antietam
2 generals in the Battle of Antietam McClellan (North) vs. Lee (South)
who wins the Battle of Antietam it's a draw
McClellan gets fired for not attacking the withdrawing Southern force in this battle Battle of Antietam
the new Northern commander who takes over after McClellan gets fired again Burnside
what will make Britain and France think twice about helping the South freeing the slaves
reads the Emancipation Proclamation after this battle Battle of Antietam
the Emancipation Proclamation pertained to land owned by the Union
why did Britain and France refuse to recognize the Confederacy as a country they had no money
how long do some soldiers have to wait for medical attention 24 hours
what did women do during the war took over men's jobs (in factories, offices, government, as teachers), raised supplies, were battlefield nurses, were spies
dressed as a man and fought at first Bull Run and Shiloh Loretta Velaquez
after she was discovered, Loretta Velaquez became a spy
founder of the American Red Cross Clara Barton
organized large numbers of nurses in the North Clara Barton and Dorothea Dix
people that opposed the war in the North Copperheads
what did Lincoln do if he thought someone was aiding the South throw them in jail without a hearing
why is there a draft people stop volunteering
draft requirements in the South men from 18-35 serve for 3 years
how could you avoid the draft in the South hire someone to take your place or own 20 slaves
what did the North do to get volunteers offer 100 bounty
draft requirements in the North men age 20-45
how could you avoid the draft in the North hire someone to take your place or pay $300
which city has the worst riots New York
how does Lincoln stop the riots by sending in the army of the Potomac
whose war bonds end up being useless South's
this starts because of the need for more efficient ways of producing supplies the Industrial Revolution
2 generals in the Battle of Fredericksburg Burnside (North) vs. Lee (South)
in this battle Burnside tries to attack Lee but Lee's army is hiding in trenches
who wins the Battle of Fredericksburg Lee (South)
takes over the army of the Potomac after Burnside Hooker
2 generals in the Battle of Chancellorsville Hooker (North) vs. Lee (South)
2 generals in the Battle of Gettysburg Meade (North) vs. Lee (South)
in this battle Lee uncharacteristically attacks Battle of Gettysburg
who wins the Battle of Gettysburg Meade (North)
this is the battle that breaks the South Battle of Vicksburg
what Grant sets out to do once he has control of all Union forces destroy Lee's army
why does Meade get fired after the Battle of Vicksburg for not pursuing Lee's retreating army
who does Grant send to take care of the Deep South Sherman
how many times does Grant attack Lee around Richmond and what are they 3: Battle of Wilderness, Battle of Spotsylvania, Battle of Cold Harbor
who wins the Battles of Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and Cold Harbor Grant (North)
where does Lee's army get surrounded Petersburg
what major city does Sherman capture Atlanta
Created by: madison.heaton