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rea gace 002


The earth is divided into 24 hours time zones, what is the degree of separation between time zones 15 degrees
Scenario: teacher has a fish tank w/ water to demonstrate predications about sink/float. what scientific principle does this demonstrate concept of density and its relation to mass and volume
What is the role of evaporation & condensation in the water cycle they recycle and redistribute the water into the ecosystem
The capability of predatory animals to develop new physical traits to improve their ability to capture prey represents adaptations
the movement of rotation around the sun constitutes a year, the closer the planet is to the sun, the shorter the year. based on this what two plants what are the two planets with a shorter year than earth Mercury and Venus
Scenario: teacher has students bring their raincoats outside to observe the clouds. students observe cumulus clouds. what will the weather be for that day? sunny
to apply the concept of time zones, students need to have a clear understanding of the concept of the meridians of longitude
What causes earthquakes the movement of continental plates
A globe is a scale model of the earth shaped in a sphere. A globe sizes and shapes more accurately than a Mercator projection map
a student placed a metal spoon on an open flame and the spoon became so hot that it burned his hands. what is the scientific principle represents this type of energy transfer conduction
a compass rose is a designed printed on a chart to show the orientation of a map of the earth
vinegar is composed of 2 substances- acetic acid( a colorless liquid) and water. this combination of substances is an example a mixture
The key function of the food chain in the ecosystem is to maintain a balance among organisms
traditionally, matter has been classified into 3 states. what are they liquid, gas, and solid
latitude and longitude are used to locate points on a map. what is the term that best describes this type of geometric figure grid system
the 118 elements of the periodic table represents the anatomical composition of matter
what is the attitudes that are essential for scientific inquiry curiosity, skepticism, honesty, and openness
the basic states of matter are plasma, liquid, solid, and gas
When it is winter in North America, it is because the Earth is tilted on its axis with the North Pole tilted away
The invention of cell phones has revolutionized the communication industry. however, it has also become a health concern because these electronic devices emit radiation that may cause cancer
Petroleum products come from nonrenewable fossil fuels. these types of energy sources are nonrenewable because they come from decayed remains of animal and plants
Asteroids, planets,, moons, and comets are part of what solar system
The scientific concept that best explains the formation of mountains and mountain ranges on earth is the movement of tectonic plates
Volcano eruptions can cause other natural physical events like earthquakes, avalanches, mudslides and tsunamis
planet with the shortest year is Mercury
when plants take solar energy from the sun and transform it to usable energy, we say that energy was transformed to chemical energy
what is the scientific explanation of the popular saying "once in a blue moon"? an extra full moon period that occurs every two or three years
the ice cap of the North Pole is melting at an alarming rate. The melting of the ice cap is an example of physical change
warm- and cold-blooded animals need heat to survive; however, only warm-blooded animals produce heat. Cold-blooded animals obtain heat from the sun
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