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SS Yoder Civil War


Secede to leave or withdraw
Fugitive runaway or trying to run away
Civil War conflict between opposing groups of citizens of the same country
Arsenal a storage place for weapons and ammunition
Martyr a person who sacrifices his or her life for a principle or cause
States' Rights rights and powers independant of the federal government that are reserved for the states by the Constitution
Border States the states between North and South that were divided over whether to stay in Union or join Confederacy
Casuality a military person killed, wounded, or captured.
Bounty money given as a reward to encourage enlistment in the army
Emancipate to free from slavery
Blockade cut off an area by means of troops or warships to stop supplies or people from coming in or out
Greenback a piece of U.S. paper money first issued by North during the Civil War
Draft the selection of persons for required military service
Blockade Runner ships that sails into and out of a blockaded area
Abolitionist a person who strongly favors doing away with slavery
Best Selling Novel: 1852 ~Uncle Tom's Cabin ~ becomes widely popular antislavery feeling in the North and angers South
Proslavery Mob: 1856 Lawerence Kansas is destroyed ~Proslavery settlers attack antislavery town
Union loses 1st member South Carolins secedes( leaves)
1st shots: April 1861 ~Confederate attack on Fort Sumter ~Confederate forces open fire on federal fort (Civil War begins)
Union loses 5 more: Jan 1861 Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi secede
Stricter Law:1850 ~passage of new fugitive slave law ~Provisions for stict enforcement of the law against escaped slaves
Antislavery raiders: Oct 1859 ~John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia ~Brown seizes federal arsenal,hopes slaves will join him. ~South is outraged
New Political Party is formed:1854 Republican party is formed and opposes slavery
Court Rules: 1854 ~Dred Scott decision ~Supreme Court rules that slaves arent citizens and unable to sue Federal Court
New American Nation:1861 ~The Confederate States of America form ~Southern secession creates a new nation
Vicious Violence Congressman Brooks of South Carolina beats Senator Sumner. Southerns hail Brooks as a hero
Unacceptable candidate ~Lincoln is elected U.S. President ~South Carolina used Lincolns election as an excuse to secede
States Campaign debate ~Lincoln/ Douglas debate ~ Called attention to slavery debate in the North and brought Lincoln to national prominence
North ~Union and Yankee ~ Capital is Washington D.C.
South ~Confederate and Rebel ~ Capital is Richmond Virginia
Military Leaders- North President- Lincoln General George Mccleran General Grant General Sherman
Military Leaders- South President- Jefferson Davis General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson General Robert E. Lee
Civil War Soldiers ~inexperienced and young ~40% of soldiers were 21 years old or younger ~850,000 soldiers fought for confederacy ~200,000 of Union soldiers were African American
Emancipation Proclamation ~40% of South pop were enslaved people ~Lincoln ordered all slaves to be free in South ~1865- ratification of the 13th amendment truly freed slaves
Price of War ~600,000 soldiers dead ~ Billions of dollars in damage in South ~freed African Americans
Strenths of North ~Population ~13,000 railroads ~9x more supplies than the South ~Money ~Strong Navy
Weaknesses of North ~divided public opinion at home ~Troops fighting away from home ~Weather ~indecisive commanders at first
Strenth of South ~defending own homes ~Skilled commanders ~United; highly motivated ~fighting in familar area
Weaknesses of South ~agricultural- few weapons ~ no army, no navy ~no government at first ~ few railroad lines ~lower population- many slaves
Antietam ~6,000 dead ~17,000 wounded ~both sides suffered heavy loses ~Single bloodiest day of entire war
1st Battle of Bull Run ~Northern Virginia ~Began with 3,000 inexperienced soldiers ~Confederates win
Fort Sumter ~no casualitites either side ~Confederates won and took over Fort Arsenal ~33 hours ~begining of Civil War ~ near Charleston Harbor
Created by: imapeanut2