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Task 2-3 FLT PCG


Monitor interphones and assigned radio frequencies... continuously
A reliable clock showing hours, minutes and seconds must be visible from... each control position
Facilities without a direct coded time source must obtain a time check... at the beginning of each shift
Set clocks to within _____ seconds of time source 15
Check clocks _______after the facility goes on backup power and again ______minutes after immediately / 30
If found to be inaccurate, check clocks ______ until restoring normal power. hourly
Wind sensor equipment that provides a reliable clock must be checked _______ unless connected to a direct coded time source. at the beginning of each shift
UTC stands for... Universal coordinated time
Acquire time checks from... IFR facilities equipped with a coded time source, the US Naval Observatory (Defense Switch Network or a radar facility that provides approach service, host nation ARTCC responsible for the terminal area, or a GPS/DVRS/DALR/DTAS source.
Created by: tx4ever80