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CrayCray style

What left many countries like Italy, Germany, and Japan feeling betrayed Treaty of Verallies
What did many European countires turn to due Europe's economic depression and the peoples belief that their democratic governments were to weak Dictators
Who was the dictator of the Soviet Union Josef Stalin
What is a state where a dictator has control over all aspects of life Totalitarian State
Who was the dictator of Italy Benito Mussolini
What type of state is a system based on militarism, extreme nationalism, and blind loyalty to its leader Fascist
Who was the dictator of Germany Adolf Hitler
What was NAZI part short for National Socialist Herman Workers Party
What group did Hitler blame Germany's loss in WWI on Jews
What was Britain and France meeting with Hitler in Munich and meeting his demand to sat out of war an example of Appeasement
What type of policy did American return to after WWI by trying to avoid getting involved in aggression across the world Isolationism
What did Hitler and Stalin sign agreeing to not attack each other Nonaggression Pact
What event caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany Invasion of Poland
Which of the Allied Powers was easily conquered by Hitler in only 6 weeks France
What Event forced Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin to become unwillingly allies Invasion of the Soviet Union
What supported the British by allowing them to obtain American war goods without having to pay for them directly Lend Lease Act
What did Roosevelt and Churchill sign in order to show their alliance to the world Atlantic Chartes
What event caused the United States to declare war on Japan Pearl Habor
What alliance was made of Italy, Germany, and Japan Axis Powers
What alliance was made up of Britain, France, America, The Soviet Union, and China Allied Powers
What continent did U.S. troops see their first ground action Africa
Who was the U.S. General in charge of the U.S. troops in the Philippines Douglass Machauther
What horrible event followed the defeat of U.S. and Filipino troops defeat in the Philippines The Batan Death March
What two battles in the Pacific allowed the U.S. to stop japan from invading surrounding island countries The Battle of Coral Sea and Island of Michuery
What Japanese word was used to describe an American born Japanese American Niesei
What Japanese interment camp was Kenji and his family imprisoned in the song Kenji Manzanar
What knocked Mussolini out of power United States and Britain invade Italy (Invasion of Italy)
What event took place on June 6th 1944 D-Day
What was the code name for the invasion of Europe Operation Overlord
What was the code name given the sea born invasion of the beaches of Normandy Operation Neptune
What five Norman beaches were targeted and invaded during the invasion of Normandy Sword, Utah, Gold, Omaha, Juno
During what battle did the German army regroup for one final offensive against in the Allies Battle of the Bulge
What event led to the suicide of Adolf Hitler and the surrender of Germany Invasion Of Germany
What day/event took place on May 8th 1945 and made the end of the war in Europe offical V-E Day
What Allied Strategy involved invading Japanese controlled islands in order to build a path to invade Japan? Island Hopping
Who willing committed suicide by crashing their planes into U.S. targets Japanese Kam Kaze ..bomb..
What even led to the surrender of Japan Atomic Bomb
What event/ day took place of August 14th, 1945 and made the end if WWII offical V-J Day
What was Hitler's plan to exterminate all European Jews called Final Solution
How many Jews were estimated to have been killed in the Holocaust Around 6 million
What are wartime acts of cruelty and brutality that are judged to be beyond the acceptance rules of war and human behavior war crimes
What countries democratic government was being pressured by its military leaders to invade nearby countries fro needed space and raw materials Japan
What U.S.congress pass to keep us out of was by forbidding the President from working with countries that are at war Nuetrality Act
Created by: Craycray