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Matt A Fr and In,act

True or False? George Washington fought for the British. True
Why was the half king called the Half King? The Iriqois league limited his power
Who wanted the Ohio Country? The British and the French
Who won the 7 Year War? The British and the Iriqois
Which act tipped the scale for the colonists? All tax acts King George imposed
How did the British treat the colonists after the french and Indian War? Not like englishmen
True or False? The French trusted all Indians. False they were enemies with the Iriquois
What bordered both the British and the French? The Ohio Country
What did the Indians want for peace? Trade goods like ammunition
Who helped make Frt. Necesity? George Washington
Who took over Frt. Necesity? The French
Who wasn't involved with the French and Indian War? The Spanish
Who had the advantage in the beggining of the 7 Year War? French with their different Indian allies
After the French and Indian War who got the Ohio Country? The Indians and the American colonists didn't like it because the people who served got land and no one got it because of that proclomation by King George
Why did the Indians help the British in the 7 Year War? Because they would get the Ohio Country
Why coudln't Indians have a permenant relationship with the British? The British wanted the Ohio Country so the Indians took percaution
Why did George Washington still have a friendship with the Half King? They both served with each other in the 7 year War
Why did the King proclaim taxes on the American Colonists? Because the king felt that he needed to after the 7 Year War
Who didn't like the idea of being taxed for ugly reasons? The American Colonists
What didn the American Colonists think they were? They thought they were equals to the englishmen in England
What did the Colonists think of the british soilders? They thought they were puppets taking their rightful stuff
What Indian tribe was with the French? Soix
Created by: 15munson