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PE S2 Final review

What is the major league baseball record for consecutive winning streak and what team was it? 26 games in a row, NY Giants
In history of NHL who was known as "Great One" Wayne Gretzky
Who is only female tennis player to win more than $40,000,000 in prize money? Serena Williams
Which player holds the NBA record for made 3 pt shots in a season? Stephen Curry
Who was the m. league baseball player to hit over 400 in a single season? Ted williams
Who holds record in Swimming? Michael Phelps
Which pitcher hold baseball record for most games lost? Denton Young
Which SF giant pitcher is only pitcher to throw a perfect game? Matt Cain
Which player currently holds m.l baseball record for most home runs in season? Barry Bonds
Which m.l. baseball team holds record for most championships won? New York Yankees
Finley Stadium, Dodgers Park, Wrigley Field all have what in common? all sports fields
2 ways to move a ball up the field in rugby carrying it or kicking it
Rugby most resembles what other sport in rules? football
In rugby a try is worth how many pts? 4 pts
In Rugby league there are ____ players on a team on field? 15
If ball is kicked and player on same team is downfield what is he called? offsides
What is name of little white ball in bocce ball? pallino
How many pts does it take to win a bocce ball game? 13
What is the length of a bocce ball? 107 mm
In order to score in bocce ball, what has to happen? point given each time your ball is closer to pallino that opposite team's balls
When was first bocce ball world championship held? 1947
In tennis if you miss both serves what is it called? Double fault
What are the court dimensions in doubles tennis match (in FYI) same length, 36 ft wide
What is the correct scoring sequence in tennis? No point = love, 1st point = 15, 2nd point = 30, 3rd point = 40, 4th point = game, deuce = each side has 40 pts, advantage = first point after deuce
On tennis serve, must serve ball to opposing serving box, which is where? service box diagonally across court
When + where was the first documented game of softball thanksgiving, 1887
What was the first softball made from boxing glove
Who invented the game of softball? George Hancock
how many outs make up a complete inning in softball? 6
Name of rule when batter is out before pitch in softball? pitcher's hands
When do you use a staggered start in track and field? When more than 100 m race
what are the 3 diff settings for hurdles high hurdles, intermediate hurdles, low hurdles
How long is track 400 m
Method of high jump? run and jump over 4 m crossbar
Name of famous high jumper who the type of jump is named after Dick Fosbury
Highest high jump? 2.45 m
List track events. List field events Track: Sprints, Mid Distance running, long distance, hurdles. Field: High jump, triple jump, long jump, discus throw, hammer throw, javelin, pole vault, shot put
When and in what country was the first soccer world cup? 1930, Uruguay
What is the period of time after a tie in soccer called? penalty shootouts
Date that soccer first began in England mid 1200s
What year did soccer become an olympic event? 1908
Where is the no volley zone in pickleball? at the front of each side
How do you serve in pickleball? underhand with paddle below waist
Who invented pickleball congressman joel pritchard
What pet animal is pickleball is named after? Cocker spaniel
Created by: mhaq.16
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