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Chapter 25- Test 4

History 1302 - Test 4

List the prerequisites of the Second Industrial revolution Mass production; consumer goods; the moving assembly line; electric motors
Discuss why the automobile industry grew in the 1920a due to rapid growth; increase in production; marketing strategies (advertising); annual model changes
Discuss US economic growth in terms of sectors of the economy electric industry grew almost as fast as the car industry; radio broadcasting and movies were popular; production of light metals (ex; aluminum and magnesium); chemical engineering-synthetics-cellophane; corporation was very dominate
Describe the areas of economic weakness in the 1920s railroads- poorly managed; coal industry- petroleum and natural gas replaced it; cotton decreased-use of rayon and synthetic fibers; agriculture-farm exports fell; urban workers remained steady; organized labor unable to advance
Describe the major economic events of the 1920s Econ boom;middle&upper class thrived;engineer,banker,&executive directed economy-earned all the money;idle money was put in stock market-earn more money;economic instability due to:unequal distribution of wealth,consumer debt,want for cars and appliance
Describe the changes for women and children in the 1920s women vote-19amendment;women still cooked,cleaned&raised children; young women rebelled w\self expression:flapper girls,short hair,shorted dresses;women had leisure time;birth rate dropped-smaller family; youthful revolt-lack of working - sex and drinking
List the Major authors prominent in the Literary Flowering in the 1920s T.S. Eliot; Ernest Hemingway; Ezra Pound; Scott Fitzgerald; Sinclair Lewis; HL Mencken
Explain the events of the Red Scare growing turn to communism among american radicals; strike in Seattle; police strikes in Boston; violent strike in iron&steel industry; series of bombings; series of raids; sent aliens back to Russia
Evaluate the support for the results of Prohibition S:rural effect of the anti-saloon league,Methodist&baptist clergy-due to the urban progressive concern of drunkenness. R:led to decline in drinking;drinking became fashionable in the upper class;bootleggers smuggled liquor;eventually repealed in 1933
Describe the membership and ideology of the 2nd Ku Klux Klan native born white gentile Americans; disliked anyone who didn't follow their own values; aliens: Italians, Russians, Jews, Catholics; blacks who didn't "know their place"; women who practiced the new morality; aliens who refused to conform
Describe the participants and results on the Scopes Trail Bryan- prosecutor headed by Thomas Stewart; Clarence Darrow - Defense; Darrow Won; Scopes was convicted guilty; although the case settles nothing - the anti-evolution law was left in tact
Describe the scandals of the Harding Administration Daugherty became involved in questionable deals; Fall was involved in the Teapot Dome Scandal (2 oil promoters gave $4 million so that Fall would give them leases in naval oil resources)
Detail the Republicans legislative accomplishments of the 1920s tariff&tax policy: Fordney McCumber Tariff Act/ Lessened business taxes; taxed the rich; reduced govt spending; revenue acts reduced the burden of taxation; new bureaus of the commerce to make American industry more efficient
Describe the factions within the Democratic party in the 1920s Rural south and west- stood for prohibition, fundamentalism, and the Klan. North and Midwest; immigrants and their descendants, Catholics and Jews
Evaluate the candidates and their supporters in the election of 1928 Al Smith: D- rejected by rural democrats, won the support of the north and midwest immigrants; Herbert Hoover: R- won the support of the old-line democrats, stood for efficiency and individualism; Hoover Won
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