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Chapter 24 - Test 3

History 1302 - Test 3

Describe Theodore Roosevelt's defense and foreign policies he modernized the army; doubled the size of the navy; took actions to acquire a central America Canal
Discuss how the US got the Panama Canal negotiations w\Columbia to acquire it;Roosevelt supported revolt-suggest the Panamanians revolt&form own nation;signs treaty w\Panama for canal and is approved- gives US control of a 10 mile strip of Panama to own&operate the canal- US must pay Pan. Govt
Explain the Roosevelt Corollary "Latin America nations: keep your affairs in order or risk interventions form the US"
Describe the relations between US and Japan from 1900-1918 strained: due to the growing power and aggressiveness of Japan becoming more politically powerful
Explain the goals of Taft's "Dollar Diplomacy" to promote American financial and business interest abroad; substitute economic ties for military alliances; increase American influence and bring about lasting peace through economic ties
Discuss Wilson's initial foreign policy ideology wanted to influence a moral diplomacy; didn't want to focus on out material interests
Describe Wilson's diplomacy prior to US entry in WWI send Brian around the world to negotiate; attempts to focus on the national integrity's and human rights of other nations; quickly continues Roosevelt's and Taft's policies
Describe Wilson's policy toward Mexico from 1913-1917 The US only recognized "lawful" governments; help Mexicans in achieving political and agrarian reform; to intervene as appropriate to achieve the goals of the US and to protect the US
Discuss the diplomatic events leading to WWI Archduke Ferdinand murdered; Germany, Turkey, Austria- Hungary (Central Powers); England, France, Russia (Allies); US did not get involved right away
Explain the basis of American support for Britain in 1914 Common language; Germany was seen as the bad guys
Explain why the US entered WWI Germany decided it would revoke its pledge and it would attack any ship - US ships began to sink
Describe the US military contributions in WWI US navy institutes convoy plan to protect allied shipping - worked; US provides a number of troops to the land war in Germany at just the right time to stop a big German offensive attack
Discuss the domestic sector in WWI the govt made propaganda campaign to gain support;govt makes program for repression;strong antigerman sentiment;money being spent&profit being made;wives did't work in factories;blacks moved to North;resulted in huge shift in economic power in the world
Identify the major provisions of the Treaty of Versailles Germany forced to accept responsibility for the war&agreed to pay huge amount for reparations;agreement to form a league of nations with all who agree to a mutual defense;there is an agreement to allocate German Colonies in Africa&China to other nations
Explain why the US senate refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles disagreement between the role of the US and the league of Nations; due to the mutual defense part of the treaty
Created by: mbivone