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Chapter 23 - Test 3

History 1302 - Test 3

List the supporters and goals of progressivism Sought to humanize and regulate big business; investigate, educate, legislate; supporters: middle class, prosperous farmers, skilled laborers; NOT - grew support in the south and west
Name the amendment that gave women the right to vote nationally 19th
Describe the progressive reforms in municipal government changes in tax laws; recorded municipal government; voters chose candidates instead of parties; improved public health; public ownership if gas, electricity, water, etc.
Describe the progressive reforms in state government Stiffen law regulating labor of women and children; the create and strengthen commissions to regulate railroads and utilities; to impose corporate and inheritance taxes; to improve mental and penal instructions; to allocate funds for state universities
Discuss Theodore Roosevelt's view of the presidency and his appointments as President a forum of ideas and leadership for the nation; invited Booker T. Washington; NOT - legally maintained a biracial support in the south
Explain Theodore Roosevelt's trust policy he pledged to protect the good and control the bad trusts
Name the 1st target of Theodore Roosevelt's attack on trusts The Northern securities company for violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act
Explain the resolution of the anthracite coal miners strike of 1902 10% wage hike; cut working hours; coal companies raised prices to offset the wage increase
List the legislative accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt's terms Railroad regulation; pure food and drug act; the meat inspection act; conservation; NOT - gold standard act
Describe the conservation policies of Theodore Roosevelt wise use of natural resources; didn't just lock them away
Discuss the issues over when the Republican Party split during Taft's presidency power of the speaker of the house; tariffs; conservation; NOT- immigration
Describe the effects of the Mann-Elkins Act Extended the regulatory powers of the Interstate Commerce Commission to telephone and telegraph; stronger regulation of the RR's; statehood for AZ and NM
Identify the candidates and results of the presidential election of 1912 Taft (R); Roosevelt (Progressive); Wilson (D); Wilson won election
List Wilson's legislative accomplishments of 1913-1916 The Underwood tariff act (1913); Federal reserve; Clayton Antitrust Act
Describe Wilson's anti-progressive stands on legislation Gives no support to minimum wage for women; side tracks child labor law bill; opposes long term loans for farmers; refuses to endorse 19th amendment; rejected the idea of a national race commission
Created by: mbivone