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SS 7 final rev

student created review questions

Prince Henry the Navigator He opened a school to teach navigating.
Magellan The first sailor to circumnavigate the world.
This was a system of trade where goods and slaves were exchanged between the Americas, Great Britain and Africa Triangular Trade
Red Coats and Lobster Backs Nicknames for British Soldiers during the Revolutionary War.
Colonists that remained loyal to Great Britain Loyalists
Men who were ready to fight at a moment's notice Minutemen
The first battles of the Revolutionary War Lexington and Concord
The first drafted constitution of the US, it lasted about ten years Articles of Confederation
Main author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
The Federalists This group supported a national bank
This is when sailors are kidnapped and forced to serve in the navy of another country Impressment
This ended the war of 1812. Treaty of Ghent
This limited all trade with foreighn countries Embargo Act
During the War of 1812, the British attacked and burned this city. Washington DC
The British tried to block American ships from entering or leaving their ports. Blockade
This group supported a strong central government and a loose interpretation of the constitution Federalists
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota These states made up the Nortwest Territory
To officially approve ratify
The basic set of laws that states the powers of the government. constitution
What battle was a major turning point in the Revolutionary War Battle of Saratoga
What was the last battle of the Revolutionary War? Battle of Yorktown
Explorers were searching for this; a water route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean Northwest Passage
The Aztec were conquered by... Hernan Cortes
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were leaders of this polical party. Democratic-Republicans
The Supreme Court Case Marbury v. Madison allowed for this Judicial Review
General Washington's troops suffered many hardships such as cold and starvation here. Valley Forge
This colony was founded by William Penn. Pennsylvania
First permanent European settlement in the Americas Jamestown
The New Englang colonies economy depended on this trading and farming
One reason the Pilgrims came to America to avoid religious persecution
This is a ship with a large triangular sail that could be used to sail against the wind caravel
Created by: srandall