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Chapter 22 - Test 3

History 1302 - Test 3

Name the leading industry in the mass production movement automobiles
Explain how Henry Ford transformed the auto industry introduced mass production
Name the industries dominated by trusts from 1898-1903 Oil; Copper; Tobacco; Rubber; Railroads; NOT shipping
Describe the important business developments from 1898-1909 development of oligopoly - control of service by a small number of large, powerful companies
Discuss the important aspects of mass production in the early 20th century Size, system, organization and marketing became increasingly important; assembly line technology changed the goal to make each product come off the line exactly the same; developed new product
Describe the costs to workers of mass production workers lost control/power; new machines ended the demand for skilled workers
List the principles of Fredrick Taylor's scientific management Management must take responsibility for job related knowledge; enforced standardization; enforced adoption of the best implements and working conditions; enforced cooperation
Discuss the major aspects of the US farm life in the early 20th century prosperity; expanded urban markets; parcel post/ main order; NOT:: increased the rate of tenant farmers
Explain the conditions faced by working women in 1900 Low pay; few had skilled jobs; most held clerical jobs; had to buy their own equipment such as needles, thread, and pay for electricity and chairs to sit on; were expected to resign once they got married
Name the leader of the Niagara Movement W.E.B. DuBois
Explain the main characteristics of immigration to the US from 1901-1920 From Southern and eastern Europe, Asia, and Mexico; Immigrants moved both to and from their homelands
Name the major unions and their leaders in the early 20th century US labor movement The Women's Trade Union League (WTUL)- Margret Dreir Robins; The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)- William (Bill) D Haywood
Describe the important demographical characteristics of the US population in 1920 Median age was 25; Increased life expectancy; cities adopted zoning ordinances
List the importance leisure activities of the early 1900s NOT TV
Describe important changes in traditional arts in early 1900s Dance: Isadora Duncan; Painting: Ashcan School - post impressionist; Poetry: T.S. Elliot, Ezra Pound
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