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History final? Durr.

Pay in return for protection tribute
wrote the Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key
Encouraged Native American tribes to unite against western settlement Tecumseh
Separates river systems flowing in the opposite direction Continental Divide
Led independence movements in Latin America Simon Bolivar
Meeting of members of a political party at which the party conducts its business Caucus
President during the Panic of 1837 Martin Van Buren
Trade between two or more states Interstate Commerce
Economic Depression /Downturn Panic of 1837
General term for person who worked to end slavery Abolitionist
An Abolitionist who was an ex-slave Frederick Douglas
the right to vote Suffrage
Abolitionist who led a raid on U.S. Army weapons stored at Harper’s Ferry John Brown
False or misleading information that is spread to further a cause Propaganda
Candidate for Senate who argued against the spread of slavery Abraham Lincoln
Process that allows people in a territory or state to vote directly on issues rather than have their elected representatives decide 17. Popular Sovereignty
Freed all the slaves in the Confederacy Emancipation Proclamation
when the military takes over for the government Martial Law
This protects your rights when you are put in jail Habeas Corpus
warships made if metal that replaced the wooden ships Ironclads
Series of bills, connected to fugitive slave act. Compromise of 1850
The Fugitive Slave Act mandated the return of runaway slaves, regardless of where in the Union they might be situated at the time of their discovery or capture Fugitive Slave Act
US policy that stated that further efforts by europe governments to colonized land would be viewed to us as acts of aggression. Monroe Doctrine
most Indians moved west of the Mississippi Indian Removal Act
encouraged people to reform themselves and society Second Great Awakening
Where did Lee surrender to Grant? Appomattox Court House
What did Antietam and Gettysburg have in common? Both were Confederate invasions
Who was the leader of the Confederates? Robert E. Lee
Who was the leader of the Union troops? Ulysses Grant
What was the name of the battle that the Star Spangled Banner was written after it? Attack on Baltimore Fort McHenry
Why did the South lay in ruins by 1865, what type of war strategy did the North have? Total War
What was Abraham Lincoln's main goal for the Civil War? Reunite the Nation
What General led the famous March to the Sea? William T. Sherman
What did the North and South think about the war after the battle of Bull Run? Realized the war would be a long, hard struggle
What side did African Americans fight on during the Civil War? Union Side
What happened to the price of goods in the North and South during the Civil War? Prices went up
Why did the Union army not draft African Americans? Union leaders feared it would turn northern whites against the war
What could you tell about the war when the draft was eventually applied to the slaves in the South? The South was not doing well in the war
What do you think were Lincoln’s motives in limiting the reach of the Emancipation Proclamation? He wanted to hurt the southern war effort in those areas not under Union control
Did the Merrimack succeed in sinking the Monitor? NO
What happened to the era of wooden ships after the first battle of the ironclads? It was at an end
What law was enacted that allowed California to enter the Union as a free state? Compromise of 1850
What was the first attack that started the Civil War? Ft. Sumter
What did Abraham Lincoln insist about the territories in the Lincoln Douglas Debates? Territories be kept free of slavery
What help decide the Election of 1860? Regional attitudes toward slavery
What point was made as a result of the Dred Scott decision? Slaves were property even if they lived in a free territory
How did the South react to Abraham Lincoln’s election of President in 1860? Seven southern states seceded
Why did John Brown lead an attack on Harper's Ferry? To raise an army of African Americans and lead them in a revolt
What upset the balance between free and slave states in the Senate? Admission of California as a free state
What effect did the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo have on the U.S.? Mexico ceded a large area of territory to the U.S.
What border was disputed that led to the Mexican American War? Rio Grande
Why did most Americans think that the U.S. should extend to the Pacific Ocean? Believed it was their right
Who came to California from all over the world and became permanent residents? Gold Seekers
During the 1800s what led to a wave of reform movements? Belief that people could improve themselves and society
What allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state? Missouri Compromise
After the passage of the Missouri Compromise, what was the number of free and slave states? 11 free and 11 slave
What allowed western farmers to ship goods to New York City? Erie Canal
What was the primary purpose of the slave codes? Control every aspect of an enslaved person’s life
What physical obstacle did many of the roads going from East to West across the U.S. have to overcome? Appalachian Mountains
Why were slavery and cotton growing closely linked? Yes, Cotton growing required a huge amount of labor
How did the Industrial Revolution affect some children in the United States? They worked in factories for long hours instead of going to school
What document warned European nations to stay out of Latin American affairs? Monroe Doctrine
Why did the North and South have different attitudes toward higher tariffs? They had different industries
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