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in what year did the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli tell them to migrate south? What did he say to look for? It was in 1168 and he told them to look for an eagle on a cactus
For how long did they travel? 150 years!
When did they finally arrive? What did they name the name they settled in? in 1325 and they named it Techochtitlan
What type of society did they have? Hierarchical
What was the order of society? Emperor, Nobility and priests, commoners (farmers, fishers, women, slaves)
What was a calpolli? they were organized groups in Aztec society, like communities. people who lived in the same neighbourhood and worshipped in the same temple and had the same occupation shared the same calpolli
When were children sent to school in the Aztec society? Did all the children get taught the same things? They started school between the ages of 10-15 and weren't taught the same things. Commoners didn't learn to read or write, so their lessons were oral. Different things were taught to commoner and nobility to prepare them for their role in society
Who were the 2 people that were determined to make christianity the only religion in the country? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
What was it called when they drove out all the Muslims? The Spanish Reconquista
What were some of the reasons Europeans wanted to explore new land? Gold, Glory, Land and they wanted to spread Christianity
Who was Hernan Cortez? A Spanish Conquistador
What does it mean to be ethnocentric? Believing that your way of doing things is the only right way and every other way of doing things is strange or wrong
When Hernan Cortez first arrived in Tenochtitlan, how did the Aztecs act? They greeted his warmly
Why did the Spanish take such an interest in the gold the Aztecs had? The Spanish needed the gold to pay for the expenses of the war and to expand territory. Also, they wanted it for there personal wealth and success
Who was the Emperor at this time? Moctezuma
What does imperialistic mean? When one country takes over another countries resources and people
What other tribes did Cortez come in contact with? Why was this good for him? He cam in contact with Totonacs, Tlaxcalans and Cholulans. This was good for him because these clans didn't like the Aztecs for a number of reasons such as human sacrifice, so they fought with Cortez
What tribe did Cortez defeat and who did he meet? Why was she important? He defeated the Tabascan people and he met a woman named Malinche. She could speak english and other languages and worked as a spy for him
When Cortex finally attacked Tenochtitlan, it was a very unfair fight. Why? Because the Spanish had horses, more advanced weapons and they brought a small pox epidemic which wiped out a significant amount of the Aztec people
Cortez took Tenochtitlan as "New Spain" and established a feudal system. What did the system state? All Spanish people coming to live there had to start a farm, send gold to Spain and marry within 6 months.
Often times, a Spanish man would marry an Aztec woman. Why was this so important? Because it blended the two cultures
When did the Edo period in Japan take place? 1600-1868
In this time, Japan was considered a homogenous society. What does this mean? It means that everything and everybody remained the same
Why was this society so easy to maintain? Japan was an isolated country.
What role did the emperor play in this time? He lived away from Edo. He was very distant from his people and left most of the power to the shogun
Who was the shogun? He was a man named Tokugawa Leyasu and he defeated the rival daimyo and took control of Japan as the military leader. Which is what a shogun is.
Who were the daimyo? They were powerful land owners
Who were the samurai? They were warriors who were the only ones allowed to carry a weapon. They had a master who they defended
Who were peasants They were farmers. They were very respected in society because they were primary producers
Who were the artisans? They were crafts people. They weren't really respected because they were secondary producers. For example, they couldn't make paper without the wood that a peasant produced
Who were merchants? They were trades people to took care of distribution of products. They were the least respected because they didn't produce anything. They just sold
Who were women in Edo society. They, just like any other society at this time, didn't really have much respect. They didn't have an identity and they could not own any property
Who were outcasts? They were the least respected out of everybody! They had to live apart from society. There job usually had something to do with death. People with leprosy were also outcasts and also the native people of japan were outcasts
What country really influenced Japan and in which ways? China and with writing, religion and art
What was a constant struggle for Japan at this time? Warfare
To keep Japan in peace, what ruled did the Shogun put in place to restrict the power of the daimyo and others? There was a law that said the daimyo had to live in Edo every second year and they also had to pay for roads and construction with there own money. Also, peasants couldn't own weapons
When European traders found Japan, what laws did the shogun put in place and why? He made Exclusion Laws (Pretty much if a foreign ship comes shoot it down). He did this to ensure Christianity wouldn't spread and that the Japanese culture would stay in tact
What ideas did Confucianism tell the Japanese people? That everyone had a role in society that needed to stay constant and honoured
What year did Commodore Perry arrive in Japan? 1853
After some negotiations, What did Japan agree to? Making 2 opening for foreign ships
What other countries did Japan do this for too? England, France, the Netherlands and Russia
These treaties were called "The Unequal Treaties" Why? Because the Japanese people felt that the other people would benefit more from them than they would. They felt they had lost control of there trade
What did people conclude from these treaties? What did they do as a result? They saw it as the Shogun being weak. They began to riot in the streets and attack foreigners
Finally in 1868, the final year of the Edo period, what did the shogun do? He stepped down
Who became the Emperor? Prince Mutsuhito
What did he name his first year of power? What does it mean? The Meiji period. It means "Enlightened Rule"
What did people worry about during this period of time? That Japan would loose its traditions
What began to take place in Japan? Western ideas and cultures were being adopted, such as industrialization, ways of dressing and eating
What was this time period called? Civilization and Enlightenment
What did some people do as a result? They rebelled because they wanted the westernization to be slowed down
What was the motto they wanted to respect the Japanese culture? "Western Science, Japanese Essence"
How did Japanese look at Western Civilization from an economic and military stand point? They thought the west had great military power with strong powerful economy
Why did Japan take steps to strengthen there army? To protect themselves from there neighbours Russia and China
A new motto was beginning to form for Japan. What was it? "Wealthy Country, Strong Army"
In what year did the Meji period end? Why It ended in 1921 because of the emperors death
What proof do we have that by that time, Japans military power had grown Pearl Harbour and WW1
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