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Bowling Ancient sport. Was introduced to America in 1623 from the Netherlands.
Frame The box on the score sheet in bowling. 10 frames constitute a game.
Spare Knocking over all pins in two tries in bowling.
Strike Knocking over all the pins with one try in bowling.
Stance of bowling Stand with body facing pins, straight up or slightly crouched. Should be about 15 feet from foul line. Ball held waist high.
Footwork of bowling Most popular approach is the 4 step. Feet should be parallel to each other and remain in a straight line throughout the approach with the last step taken opposite of the ball.
Approach of bowling Four phases: Push away, swing, forward swing and release of ball.
Flag football Originated in the late 19th century. Based off of soccer and rugby.
Quarterback (QB) Offensive person who is in charge of advancing the ball down the field.
Center Offensive person who is in charge of "hiking" the ball to the QB.
Reciever Offensive person who runs a route down the field to catch a pass from the QB in order to gain yardage, a first down, or to score a touchdown.
Interception When a defensive player catches a pass intended for an offensive player.
Sack When the QB has his flag pulled by defense behind the line of scrimmage.
Fumble When ball is dropped after being in possession
Line of scrimmage Imaginary line where the nose of the ball is placed to separate the offensive team from the defensive.
Touchdown Touchdown-Worth six points.\
Ultimate Frisbee Non-contact field sport that combines elements of soccer, football and basketball in a fast-paced game played with a flying disc. Game is played until 13 points is reached. Each team should have about seven people.
Created by: Saya-Bella