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global 8


medieval science the earth= center of the universe
people began to view themselves as_____________________________ individuals
renaissance and ________________ helped spread ideas that were previously repressed by the church printing press
new way of thinking________________________________________________ about the natural world
Christianity suggested___________________ and god had intentionally made it that way that earth was the center of everything
the first to encourage new ship explorations was prince Henry known as prince Henry the navigator
started an institute for_________________ seafaring and exploring
_________________________________________________________________________ combined ship technology learned from Islam with new European innovations
by the time of his death in 1460, Portuguese had sailed as far south as the ______________________________ gold coast of west Africa
______________________________________ ships had new triangular sails
existed in Africa______________________________________ before the coming of the Europeans
_____________________________ sugar cane and sugar plantations
______________exported to other countries 275,000 enslaved Africans
between a6 BC & 19 BC____________________________ about 10 million Africans were sent to the Americas
1492, Spanish rulers agreed to pay for voyage by_______________________ Italian sailor Christopher Columbus
Columbus believed he could sail west from Spain _________ reach Asia
Columbus reached island in Caribbean after about_________ 2 months at sea
the renaissance was_________________________ a time of renewal
_____________________ started in Italy
____________________________ major trading center
moved away from __________________ life in the church
______________ urban societies
focuses more on__________________________________________________ natural objects and enjoying life
renaissance means_______and Europe was recovering from the ________________________ rebirth dark ages and the plague
people had lost their faith in the church and began to put more____________________________ focus on human beliefs
increased demand for____________ middle eastern products
stimulated production of goods_________________________ to trade in middle eastern markets
encouraged the use of______________ credit and banking
served as trading centers for the distribution of goods_______________ to northern Europe
humanism trying to perfect human nature
stimulated the study of__________ ancient Greece and Rome
had access_______________________with middle eastern markets to trade routes connected Europe
were_______________________governed as republics initially dependent city states
Italian city states Florence, Genoa, Milan and Venice
political ideas Machiavelli the prince
better for a ruler to be_______________________ feared than to be loved
ruler should be________________in decision making quick and decisive
ruler keeps power____________________ by any means necessary
Created by: ryan strach