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7th Social Studies

final exam review

What effect did barbed wire have on the cattle industry? using barbed wire to fence in ranch lands brought ther era of cattle drives to an end
Who was the first governor of Texas? James Pinckney Henderson
Why was construction of highways begun in Texas? after the appearance of automobiles in the state around 1900, the Tx government began building highways
What are “suburbs” and why do people move there? ppl from the city moved to the suburbs in order to have bigger houses
Which amendment gave suffrage to women? 19th
What effect did railroads have on trade in Texas? trade became more long distance
What contributed to the end of the fence-cutting wars? a law that made that action a felony
What are some of the checks and balances the Governor has over the legislative branch? line-item veto
What destroyed much of Galveston in 1900 and what did city leaders do to try and prevent this from happening again? hurricane-raising the level of the city
Why did farmers suffer in the late 1920’s? debt was high, but prices fell
What contributed to the Dust Bowl? severe weather & poor farming decisions
What region of Texas was affected by the dust Bowl? the Plains region
Which courts are the most influential trial courts in the state and what 2 courts are at the top of the state court system? district courts are the most influential trial courts in the state- the Supremem Court & Court of Criminal Appeals are the 2 courts at the top of the Tx state court system
What cases are heard in civil courts? more than 1 claim to the same preperty
What does Juneteenth commemorate? the day the slaves found out slavery was over in Tx
Why was it unfair to relocate Native Americans to reservations? Native Americans lived in the disputed areas before other settlers arrived
What invention helped create a demand for oil in the early 1900’s? the automobile
What were the key issues, besides slavery, that led to Texas being involved in the Civil War? state's rights
What were the differences between the Treaty of 1844 and the Joint Resolution of 1845 and which one was approved by the U.S. Senate? The Joint Resolution of 1844 gave Tx full statehood, keep public lands, & allowed the state to retain slavery. Tx would be a territory under the 1844 plan but a state under the 1845 plan. The US Senate turned down the treaty but approved the 1845 plan
Describe how Texas looked, culturally, in 1850. Teh immigration group of Germans made up the largest number of Tx residents besiders Mexican Texans
What 3 events led to the Native Americans being put onto reservations? The Red River wars take place, the Tx frontier line moves westward, & government officals encourage the killing of buffalo
Why did Sam Houston run for governor in 1857? he flet strongly that the Southern States should not secede & he wanted to ake sure Native Texans were treated fairly
Why was Robert E. Lee significant? he was the Confederate general who surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse
Why did southerners threaten to secede? before the Presidental election of 1860, southerners threatened to secede if a republican won the election
What were most of the battles in Texas fought over? Confederate efforts to keep Tx ports open
Discuss the battle of Palmito Ranch. it was the site of the last Civil War battle
What is martial law and what role did it have during post civil war? rule by an army instead of by the usual civil authorities
What were the provisions of Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan? former confederate states had to declare that their secesssion had been illegal
What was the major political issue in reconstruction? political reconstruction required the ppl of the south to write a new constitiution that rejected secession & ended slavery
What was another name of the African American troops? buffalo soldiers
How did the relationship between the Texas settlers and Native Americans change during the civil war? tx settlers became easy targets for the native americans after the Civil War began b/c soldiers left Tx to fight in the Civil War
What caused the Native Americans to move to reservations? Destruction of their homes, food, horses, and the buffalo eventually forced the Cammanches & Kiowas onto the reservations
Why were brands used? Unbranded cattle could be claimed by anyone
Why were the longhorns important to ranchers? They could survive under harsh conditions
How did the cattle kingdom begin? Spanish culture
What natural resources supported the cattle industry? The dry, warm climate; an endless supply of grasses; prairies with room to roam
Where was cotton mostly grown? Great Plains region
Discuss what a freedman was Former slaves
Describe what a labor union is An association of workers formed to gain better wages and working conditions
Which were abundant natural resources in Tx? Oil & natural gas; cattle & lumber; land & wildlife
What are examples of fossil fuels? Coal & oil
What are the main results of the oil boom? Increase in Tx population; development of new industries; improvements in Tx transportation
Describe progressivism A social reform movement based on improving society through the power of the government
What were the results of the hurricane of 1900? Galveston changed to a commission form of city government because the old form of government would not have been able to handle the huge task of rebuilding the city
Describe oil production in Tx during 1990-1940 Most of the oil & natural gas discovered in Tx between 1900 & 1940 in East Tx & the Gulf Coast
What was the prohibition movement? Led to a ban on the sale of alcohol
What were big reform issues between 1880 & 1920? Temperance, public education, & women's rights
When and how did women get the right to vote? 19th amendment
What influence did Governor Hogg have over the railroad industry? He established he Tx Railroad Commission to oversee all railroad operations
What causes the dust bowl? The plowing under of millions of acres of prairie grasses
What is an amendment? An addition or change made to a law or construction
What does the Bill of Rights consists of? (US) the 1st 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution (TX) Article 1'of the Tx Constitution is referred road the Tx Bill of Rights
Which Tx Consitution is still in effect today? The Constitution of 1876
Name the 3 branches of government and define what they do. Judicial- the branch of government that interprets laws and runs the courts Executive- the branch of government that enforces laws & recommends people for government posts
What is the lowest level of the Tx court system made up of? Municipal courts & justices of the peace
Describe the women's political involvement before 1919? They could not vote, but they worked to bring about political & social reform
What reasons did the railroad industry needed to be reformed in the late 1800s. Railroad companies often followed unfair practices in dealing w/ passengers & businesses; railroad companies sold land given to them by the government to farmers for extremely high prices; railroad companies banded together to control prices
Where does more than 50 percent of Texas' revenue come from? Taxes
Who is the leader of the Tx Senate? Lieutenant Governor
What do you have to do in order to be able to vote? Register to vote
Whg methods deprived citizen's of their 15th amendment rights? Poll taxes & literacy tests
What is a common characteristic of the 13th, 14th, & 15th amendments? They aim to protect the civil rights of African Americans
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