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Kaya Black Belt

Kaya Black Belt Testing

What is the meaning of Tae Kwon Do? Tae means feet; kick w/ foot, develop lower body movements. Kwon means fist; block, punch and strike with hand. Do means way; the art of having control over mind and body
What is the bow and why is it important? The bow is the way of greeting, same as the handshake in the US. Bowing shows sincerity, respect and deep concentration
Why do we yell? We yell to develop internal and spiritual strength with concentration and confidence
How can you show a positive attitude? You can show a positive attitude by trying to do my best, even if things seem hard and never give up
How do you enter and leave the Do Jahng? Upon entering and leaving the Do Jahng bow to the flag, Masters, and senior belts
Do 50 Push ups in 1 minute = B Pushups
What is the Korean name for your belt? Ttee
How do you say “return to ready stance” in Korean? Bah roh
What does Taekwondo mean to you Answers May Vary
What are the benefits of sparring classes Sparring demonstrates our mental discipline and physcial control of ourselves. It is much harder to control yourself than to score a point.
How do you has “Korea” in Korean Han kook
How do you say “sparring” in Korean Gyo roo ki
How do you say “form” in Korean Poomsae
How do you say “flag” in Korean? Tae guk ki
What part of the foot is used for a Front Snap Kick Ball & Top of the foot.
How do you say “hello, how are you?” in Korean An young ha shim necka
How do you say “goodbye” in Korean An young hee kae ship she yo
How do you say “blue” in Korean Chung
How do you say “red” in Korean Hang
What is the purpose of stretching exercises Stretching allows you to develop greater flexibility. Greater flexibility allows for greater power in techniques
How do you say ‘front snap kick” in Korean Ahp cha gi
How do you say “roundhouse kick” in Korean Dohl Yuh cha gi
How do you say ‘ax kick’ in Korean Nah reo chig gi
How do you say “side kick” in Korean Yup cha gi
How do you say “breaking” in Korean Kyuk pah
What makes power Power is made by weight and speed together with relaxation, concentration and confidence
Why are there different colored belts The increase in darkness of the colors of the belt symbolizes increase in knowledge and ability.
What are the 5 prerequisites of Tae Kwon Do 1 contact w/ natural surroundings 2 contact w/ diverse phisical conditions 3 performing sutible exercises 4 eating suitable nourishment 5 getting the proper amount of rest
How do you show good manners at home? Greet people when entering / leaving a building. Help with chores the first time asked. Maintain good grades by completing assignmets on time. good maners respect
What is good positive thinking? Think only the best Work for the best Expect the best forget the mistakes of the past & press on the greater achievements of the future give evey person you meet a smile if yu have nothing good to say about others say nothing be to large for worry to
What is the meaning of the Tae Geuk Form? The eastern way of thinking about how opposites work to better to make up the world. EX: good & bad
What is Master’s full name? Sung Ming Park
What are 3 areas that you have improved on since starting TKD? No true answer
How do you say "At Ease" in Korean (shio)
How do you say "Attention" in Korean (Cha Ryot)
How do you say "Ax Kick" in Korean Nah reo chig gi
How do you say "Back Stance" in Korean (Dit Gooby)
How do you say "Begin" in Korean Shi hahk SheeJahk
How do you say "Belt" in Korean (Ttee)
How do you say "Bow" in Korean kyung ryeh
How do you say "Break" in Korean (Gal-Ryeo)
How do you say "Continue" in Korean Gye sohk (Geaseok)
How do you say "Courtesy" in Korean Ye Ui
How do you say "Down Block" in Korean (ahray Mocky)
How do you say "Front Snap Kick" in Korean (Ap Cha gi)
How do you say "Good Job" in Korean Sugo hassameda)
How do you say "Goodbye" in Korean An Young hee kae ship she yo
How do you say "Hands Outside Block" in Korean (Soen Nal Bagat Mocky)
Can you do a 30 Second V-Sit? V-Sit
How do you say "Hook kick" in Korean wholea Chagi
How do you say "Master" in Korean Saboomnin(Sa bum nim
How do you say "Middle block" in Korean (momtong mocky)
Name of the Korean Flag Tae Guk Ki
Can you do 40 leg ups in 1 minute = B+ Leg ups
How do you say "Ready Stance" in Korean Joon be
How do you say "Reverse Side Kick" in Korean (De Chagi)
How do you say "Return" in Korean (Baroe)
How do you say "Round House" in Korean Dohl yuh cha gi)
How do you say "School" in Korean dojang
How do you say "Side Kick" in Korean (yup cha gi)
How do you say "Spin Kick" in Korean (De Wholea Chagi)
How do you say "Stop" in Korean Gye mahn (Komahn)
How do you say "Student" in Korean Boo Saboomnin
How do you say "Thank You" in Korean Kam Sa Ham Neida
How do you say "Tiger Stance" in Korean (Bum Sugi)
How do you say "Uniform" in Korean Dobohk (Do Bok)
How do you say "Up block" in Korean algul mocky
How do you say "Yell" in Korean Ki Hap
Can you tie your own belt Yes
Do you preform random Act of Kindness sometimes
Count to 10 in Korean 1 Hana 2 Duhl 3 Set 4 Net 5 Dasot 6 Yosot 7 Eelgop 8 Yuhdul 9 Ahhop 10 Yul
Define: Respect Showing good manners towards all people, not just those you know or who are like you. Respect is treating everyone in a way that you would want to be treated.
Define: Courage To be confident
Define: Concentration To focus
Define: Confidence when you feel like you can Suceeed at a certain task
Define: Courtesy the martial srtist is respectful, gnerous, & tolerant towards others no matter where he is. In social, professional, or family situations, he must lead in maintaining harmony.
Define: Self Control Control your self
Define: Self – Discipline To disipline your self
Define: Integrity To respect people
Define: Loyalty To be loyal to someone or something
Define: Perseverance Continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition
Define: Teamwork Working together
Define: Leadership the ability or action to lead people
Define: Success To acomplish something
What are the 10 Articles of mental Training 1. Be loyal to your country – Loyal Sir! 2. Be obedient to your parents – Obedience Sir! 3. Be loving to your family – Love Sir! 4. Be cooperative with others – Cooperation Sir! 5. Be faithful to your friends – Faithful Sir!
What are the 10 Articles of mental Training 6. Be respectful of your Masters – Respect Sir! 7. Be honest in all personal affairs – Honesty Sir! 8. Show concern for others – Compassion Sir! 9. Never attach without reason – Mercy Sir! 10. Finish what you start – Persistence Sir!
What part of the foot is used for a Roundhouse Kick Top & Ball of the foot
What part of the foot is used for a Side Kick Edge & Heel of the foot
Can you do 40 Sit ups in 1 minute = B Sit Ups
Can you balance fo 1 minute on each foot = A+ Balance
Can you run 1.5 Miles Run
What part of the foot is used for front kick ball of the foot and top of foot
What part of the foot is used for ax kick heel and bottom of foot
What part of he foot is used for back kick edge of the foot ond heel of the foot
How do you say "vital point" in Korean geup so
How can you show a good attitude in TKD tie your own belt and put on unform pay attenton answer loudly kick and punch hard fallow masters directions work well with others move fast
Please explain your Blue Star kicking combination #2 Right step forward, left foot reverse side kick, right foot spin kick
What are the Physics of Developing Power power (force) = mass (weight) x speed (acceleration) Mass is weight which is your body Speed is the movement of hands/feet Power is achieved through concentration/yelling/balance & self-cinfidence
What is the purpose of breaking? And what is needed for proper breaking techniques? The purpose of breaking is to show confidence, accuracy, & strength. Proper technique is demonstrated by a positive attitude, power & focus
What is the meaning of the American Flag? 1 - stars = 50 states 2 - stripes = 13 original colonies 3 - red = blood shed in battles & wars fighting for our country 4 - white = purity 5 - blue = liberty & justice
What is the meaning of the Koean Flag? 1 - Tae Guek Ki 2 - the upper section of the circle is ref for day, light & hot 3 - the lower section of the circler is blue for night, dark & cold 4 - lower left = fire & sun 5 - lower right = earth 6 - upper left = heaven 7 - upper right = water
what are the 2 basic reasons for stretching 1. loosen up muscles 2. improve flexibility & limberness
Define "poomse" a method of learnig tae kwon do that entails practincing attack and defensive movements against an imaginary opponent
What is the KI-Martial Arts Shield of Life? (part 1) 1. Honesty: Above all, be honest to yourself 1st & everyone else 2nd. 2. Loyalty: be loyal to your family, country, friends, school & teachers.
What is the KI-Martial Arts Shield of Life? (part 2) 3. Respect: Respect yourself, for no one will respect you unless you show respect for yourself. Respect your family, parents, teachers & others. 4. Patience: Show patience & understanding to all-to those you teach & to the teachers who teach you.
What is the KI-Martial Arts Shield of Life? (part 3) 5. Perseverance: Persist in everything you undertake. Don't give up until you have completed the goals you have set. 6. Discipline: Set standards & complete your goals. Have the discipline to complete your work & your studies.
What is the KI-Martial Arts Shield of Life? (part 4) 7. Honor: Honor your family, teachers, country & the law of the country. 8. Pride: Above all, be proud of yourself when you achieve your goals
What is the Primary Mission in the KI-Martial Arts Mission Statement? The Primary Mission is to be a winner in life; we must 1st be a winner inside. The Individual: in every class who try hard will see benefits. The Family: Martial Arts will help you learn a higher
What year was the name Tae Kwon Do chosen and who chose this name? 1955 Choi Hong Hi in General Army
What does Kaya mean? Energy, Power, Life Force, Perseverance
What is the meaning of the Koryo Form? the English name "Korea" is originated from the name of the Kory Dynasty which was famed for it's cultural achievements such as Koryo ceramics & for the valiant spirit of it's people with which they defeated the Mongolians' aggression
What is the meaning of Keumgang Form? The poomse "Keumgang" is names after Mount Keunmgang, symbol or solidity. Keumgang is also analogous to "Diamond"
Briefly explain Tae Kwon Do history. TKD is a traditional Korean Martial Art & modern combat sport that has been developed over 2000 yrs. It's the oldest martial arts ever documented. In 1973 TKD was introduced into the USA. Now it's taught in over 140 countries. Sparring is in Olympics
Write down using as many steps as necesary How To Properly Perform a Round House Kick. Explain as though you were teaching a new student. Explain how to do a round house kick
In your own words Why Do We Take Tests Why do we take tests?
What is the meaning of the Taebaek form? PT1 "Taebaek" is the name of mount paekdu where the legendary Tangun founded a nation for the first time in the korean peninsula aver 4,300years ago.
What is the meaning of the Taebeak form PT2 Poomse"Taebaek" takes its principlesof movement from the word "Taebeak" wich means being looked up to as sacred
What is the meaning of palgwe Form Supplementary training. The thought of palgwe, another concept of the ancient Oriental philosophy implies symbolically all the phenomena of mankind and the universe
What are the 5 major areas of Tae Kwon Do practice Meditation, Form, Sparring, Breaking,Self-defense
What is the good instructor To be a good instructor,you need to have a deep well-rounded knowledge of the art you teach and as an inseperable attribute you need complete command of your skills and knowledge.
What is the good instructor PT2 To be a good instructor you need to understand teaching methodology learn to transmit your knowledge to others ina clear concise and interesting way this will enable you to effectivly share your ideas and abilities with the greatest number of people
Warnings in sparring crossing the line, falling down, grabbing, holding the opponent, pretending injury, attacking the knee, kitting the opponent's face, attacking the groin, kicking the leg, avoiding the match
deductions in sparring intentionally attacking the fallen opponent, throwing the opponent, attacking the face W/ fist, break the rule multiply times
sparring terminology 1st round: ill hay jeon
sparring terminology 2nd round: ee hay jeon
sparring terminology 3rd round samhay jeon
sparring terminology break: kyek pa
sparring terminology stop: geu mahn
sparring terminology continue: gye sohk
sparring terminology warning: kung go
sparring terminology deduction: kam jum
sparring terminology win: seoung
sparring terminology red: hong
sparring terminology blue: chung
Conversation terminology how are you: an yong hakhim neeka
Conversation terminology thank you: cam sa ham ni da
Conversation terminology goodbye: an yong ee kay ship seo
Conversation terminology excuse me: shill yah hamnida
Conversation terminology how may i help you: ua takea toa diliqua
Conversation terminology thats right i am ok: kenchaneo
Conversation terminology what do you want: mul ohn monhaseo
Conversation terminology your welcome: chulmaneo
Conversation terminology can you speak english: yungho halsoo eesumkiniha
Conversation terminology of course: mule lone eejoh
Conversation terminology fine all right very well: choayo
Conversation terminology yes:yah
Conversation terminology im glad to see you: mannasoh pangap sumnidad
Tea kwon do summary 1 page Summary
Created by: Fojack
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