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Capitalism An economic system where things (eg property) are owned by individuals, not by a government, and where people have to work for money
Communism A political system where all property is owned by the government and people are to be given an equal share of wealth
Conscription The compulsory enrolment of men for the service in the armed forces
Cold War A war without fighting
Forward Defence The policy that the fight against communism should take place away from Australia. It was believed Australia was too big a country to be defended if a communist force invaded
Domino Theory The belief that is one country fell to communism, then, like falling dominoes, their neighbouring countries would follow
Political Asylum Protection granted to a defector from another nation who fears for his/her life if they return to their home country
Prime Minister Menzies Prime Minister at the time and decided to fight the spread of communism
Asian Communism Australia was fearful of Asian communism as it was nearby Australia which would make it easier to spread into Australian territory
Communist Party of Australia Dissolution Bill 1950 - Menzies government tried to ban the Australian Communist Party
The Communist Party Dissolution Referendum 1951 - The constitution would be changed to give the government power to make laws in respect to the communists and the Communist Party
Petrov Affair Vladimir Petrov - USSR ministry member attached to Russian Embassy in Canberra
Sukarno Was Indonesia's leader who was unpredictable and was linked to an Indonesian communist part
ANZUS Treaty 1951 - Australia, New Zealand and United States signed, under the terms of the treaty, the nations each viewed an attack on anyone of them as a threat to the security of them all
SEATO Treaty 1954 - To protect countries in South-East Asia and the Pacific that felt threatened by communism
The Colombo Plan Focus international cooperative efforts and attention on identifying and providing what the less developed countries in the region needed to improve their economies and living standards
Assimilate To become absorbed into a community; to blend into another way of life
Indigenous The term used to describe the 'first people' of a particular country
Integration The act of joining two or more things together to make a whole
Land Rights Indigenous people's claims to land they occupy or used to occupy
Native title Legal recognition of the existence of indigenous people's law and ownership before 1788
Repression The act of keeping people under control, allowing them little freedom
Sacred Site A site that is important to the spiritual or culture beliefs of an indigenous group
Stole Generation The name given to the generation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who were forcibly removed from their families
Terra Nullis The Latin term meaning 'the land of no-one'
Charles Perkins Began the Freedom Rides
Freedom Ride About 30 students, led by Perkins, travelled to Walgett, Moree, Kempsey and other towns exposing discrimination in the use of halls, swimming pools, picture theatres and hotels
Protectionism & Paternalism 1820 to 1951 - Aborigines were removed from contact with white Australians and were required to live on reservations or in missions, with restrictions on their movement and way of life
Assimilation 1951 - Gave Aboriginals, and mixed bloods a chance to shape his or her own life
Integration 1965 - Aborigines and migrants could maintain their traditional cultures
Self Determination 1972 - Put some control back into the hands of the aboriginal people
Reconciliation 1990s - Recommendation of the Royal Commission
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