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MH chapter 2 review

Ancient buffalo hunts herded animals along a what? driveline
A group of people who share common values, beliefs and lifestyles is called what? culture
Human activity leaves behind ____ that future generation scan study artifacts
what is a device used to propel a spear atlatl
an early form of art in which images are carved into stone are called ? petroglyphs
what is a pile of rocks used to mark a path or symbolic place cairn
the science of ? is a method of determining the age of something carbon-dating
A transportation device made of poles and pulled by an animal travois
areas of Montana too wet to grow many kinds of plants muskegs
semi-frozen shallow soil with low-lying plants tundra
In the Early Period Montana had Alpine ?, swampy ?, and semi-? soil glaciers,bogs,frozen
The Bering Land Bridge theory states that people migrated to North America when ?dropped exposing large landmasses sea levels
Creation stories are part of ? ? to explain the lives of ancestors oral history
A person who studies physical clues to interpret cultures archaeologist
Garbage, tools and artwork are all examples of ? artifacts
The ancient migration trail known to the Blackfeet and is the oldest trail used by humans in the Western Hemisphere is the ??? Old North Trail
Because the smaller animals of the Middle period were much faster , hunters needed new ? technology
One of the most important changes during the Last Period was the invention of the ? Bow and Arrow
Bison were central to the spiritual life of the ? Indians because they were gifts from the Creator Plains
When bison thrived on the Plains, they became central to ? and rituals ceremonies
? were important to Plains Indians mostly because they could help transport larger shelters and more supplies dogs
Medicine balls, clothes and bedding, cooking utensils and tools are all made from ? bison
Pictograph Cave, near Billings, is particularly important archaeological site because it ? the history of so many kinds of human activity illustrates
Artifacts are part of someone’s ? history, might be a clue to a new discovery, and are a connection to Montana’s cultural history personal
What three major changes occurred during the Late Period, Bow and arrow, Bison, Plant
Beliefs about how the first people came to Montana include what 3 theories: They migrated to North America between 30,000 and 13,000 years ago They were created here and have always been here They arrived in waves from several different directions
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