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3rd grade Am Heritag

William Penn

What does persecute mean? to continually give someone ill-treatment
What does debt mean? Something that needs to be paid back
Who were the Quakers? a religious group of people who call themselves Friends
Who was William Penn, Jr.? the man who began the Quaker colony of Pennsylvania
If the king of England was a Catholic, what did he expect everyone to become? Catholic
What does it mean to be persecuted? to be punished or treated badly
What did the Quakers call each other? Friends
Why did the Quaker men refuse to bow or take off their hats to anyone? They believed no one should show more respect to one person than to another?
How did the Quakers dress? in plain, dull-colored clothes
What sickness spread through London? bubonic plague
How did the Quakers believe they should show the love of God? by helping other people
What were the Quakers doing when they were arrested by the soldiers? helping the sick
What did William Penn admire about the Quakers? their bravery
What did William Penn's father want him to be? an admiral in the navy
Why did William Penn's father throw him out of the house? William became a Quaker.
What did William Penn ask for instead of the money the king owed him? land in America
Give two reasons why the king liked this idea. 1. He would get rid of the debt. 2. He would get rid of the Quakers
What does "sylvania" mean? wooded land
What did William Penn hope that some day everyone would have in America? religious freedom
Instead of taking land from the Indians, what did William Penn do? He bought the land from the Indians.