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Sol II.3a-c

Amendments, Reconstruction, and Legacies

What is migration? Moving from one place to another
What did the Civil Rights Act of 1866 allow? African Americans weree granted full citizenship and the Federal government sent troops from the North to the South.
What does expansion mean? the act or process of growing or becoming larger
How did the Transcontinental Railroad change America? Connected the East coast to the West coast by land and made it easier to transport people and goods.
Who did the 13th amendment help? African Americans were now free and the amendment banned slavery in the United States and any of its territories.
What did the 14th amendment allow? Granted citizenship to all persons born in the United States and guarantees them equal protection under the law.
Who did the 15th amendment help? Former slaves were given the right to vote regardless of race or color or previous conditions of servitude.
When was the Reconstrucion period and how long did it last?? 1865-1877 and lasted 12 years
What was the Reconstruction period? The name given to the time period of reorganization and rebuilding of the South after the Civil War.
Who were the carpetbaggers? Name given to Northern whites who moved South after the Civil War and took advantage of the South during Reconstruction.
Who did the Black Codes punish? Freedmen were exploited by plantation owners and the South passed laws after the Civil War to keep African Americans in semi-slavery.
What was the Freedman's Bureau? A government agency formed to help African Americans (former enslaved Americans) make the transition from slavery to freedom.
Who was Robert E. Lee? Commander of the Confederate Army. After the Civil War he encouraged Southeners to reconcile and unite as Americans. Later he became the President of Washington and Lee University.
Who was Frederick Douglass? An African American who wanted constitutional amendments that guaranteed voting rights and he wanted human rights and civil liberties for all.
What did Abraham Lincoln want after the Civil War? He wanted the United States to reconcile and preservation was more important than punishing the South.
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