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Zeus Kings of gods
Poseidon God of the seas and brother of Zeus. lives in the bottom of ocean and rules the waves.
Demeter The goddess of agriculture
Athena The goddess of wisdom , daughter of Zeus
Apollo God of light and truth. He is young and handsome.
Artemis Goddess of hunters and animals. Twin sister of Apollo
Voting Process invented by Greeks 2,500 years ago.
City State Political unit made up of a city and surrounding land.
Acropolis Center of most city-state was a fortress on a hill. Means "top City" in Greek.
High Walls The acropolis was surrounded by _______________
Chiton A loose fitting tunic worn by the Ancient Greeks.
Young girls stayed home and learn to spin and weave materail with their moms
Young boys Attended school @ 7 years old and studies math,reading, writing and debate.
Sun dried bricks Houses in Ancient Greece were made of these and central courtyard were built with these too.
Gymnasia Place where Greeks fine tuned their bodies sos they could defend their city-states
Figs Common component of the Ancient Greek diet.
Athens Capital City of Greece
Olympia The place where the ancient Greek Olympics took place
Only Men Were permitted to compete in the Ancient Greek Olympics
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