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Social Studies Final

What are the rules/themes of History? 1)you can't separate history from geography 2)history moves in cycles 3)we are all products of history 4)the larger the empire, the harder it is to defend
what is an empire? place ruled by one person, the emperor
Where is the prime meridean, the equator, the tropics of cancer and capricorn and the arctic and antartic circles? ----> 0 ----------------
What are the three types of government? What do they mean? Democracy,Aristocracy,Oligarchy Democracy=ruled by many Aristocracy=ruled by one Oligarchy=ruled by many
Pre-history to history, when did it change? when people started to record what happened
What is a hunter/gatherer? when the people of a tribe hunt and gather their food-the netsilik. 2-5 people
What is nomadism? going from place to place depending on food source and climate
what is irrigational agriculture? growing plants/crops by moving water through the land using canals to water the crops
what is industrialism? use machines to make "stuff" instead of using haands, mass. production
Homo Habilis skillful human,2 mil-1.5 mil. yrs ago
Homo Erectus upright walking human,1.6 mil.-400000 yrs ago
Homo Sapiens 30,000-today
Who are the Netsilik? How did they survive? modern 1980s hunter and gathererers. Caribou-fake humans,chase to river,kill igloo-very warm, bottom up, hole in top
Two rivers around Mesopatamia? Tigris and Euphratees
What does Mesopatamia mean? Land between two rivers
The Education in Mesopotamia? If you were bad you were caned, wrote on clay
Who was Hammurabi? made first law (eye for an eye)
Who was Sargon I? The first emperor
What were Mesopatamian contributions? -alphabet -sailboat -calendar -wheel -plow -clock -math -cuneform
What were the Kingdoms in Egypt? Old,Middle and New
What was the Rosetta Stone? a stone with a bunch of sybols and writings of different languages
What is a Pharaoh? a ruler in ancient ancient egypt
What were Egyptian contributions?? -paper -medicine -math -pyramids
What were the Phoenicians known for? trade and dye
Phoenicians contributions? alphabet,maps better ships?
Who were the Minoans? Th Micineans? Minoans-arose on the island of Crete Mycenaean-from mainland--greece
What was the Trojan War? A war between the Trojans and the Greeks ( may be fake) was 10 years long, Trojan horse, greeks win
What were th Persian Wars? wars between persia for thier thermopalae, 300 vs thousands
What was the Pellopanesian War? beween athens and sparta
Who was Darius? leader of persia sends ships to marathon in athens
What was the Golden Age? the best time of greece, a time of learning,and many inventions
Tell about the Illiad and the Odyssey written by homer,odessey in osyseases journey, the illiad is about the trojan war
Who was Perseus? defeated medusa,andromeda
Who was Theseus? battled minotaur in labrinyth
Greek Contributions democracy & study of government theater, art and architecture, Olympics, mathematics, language, philosophy medicine (Hippocratic Oath), marathon Scientific method (Aristotle)
caesar Julius Caesar was a Roman general,critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire.
augustus great nephew, Augustus was the founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor
pompeii/herculaneum destroyed by volcano preserved by tons of ash
Ides of March date of the assassination of Julius Caesar by the senate
christianity at first didn't like it, crucified Jesus, now official religious
decline of empire barbarians, taxes got HUGE, no good emperor plans
Roman Contributions Law Architecture Calender Language Roads Numerals
Dark ages declin of trade,learning,government
what is feudalism? FOOD FOR PROTECTION!!!!!!! Lords are the most rich, own the manor Vassals-provide protection Serfs-farmers,poorest of the poor
Manor/castle system manor in middle houses and fields on outside
Created by: banana712