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7-6:1 Westrn and Est

Krystal Haltiwanger, Western and Eastern Europe, Hardy

Superpower No other country could match its military strength
Cold War War of ideals between US and Soviet Union
United Nations Delegates from 50 drew up a charter for this. It replaced the League of Nations as a world peacekeeping organization
Satellite state Countries controlled by a more powerful nation
Policy of containment George F. Kennan argued that the US should contain or hold back the spread of communism
Truman Doctrine Harry S Truman speech
Marshall Plan Pumped $13 billion into the region
Occupation zone Each of the four main Allied powers occupied and managed each zone
Berlin airlift Organized by Truman for a year, cargo plaines filled with supplies kept the people of West Berlin alive
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Warsaw Pact An alliance called the Southeast Treaty Organization
SEATO Southeast Treaty of Organization
CENTO Central Treaty Organization had six members- Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Great Britain, and the US
EEC European Economic Community
Free-trade area Set up by the members of the EEC, agreed not to place tariffs on imported goods sold by a member states.
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