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History Spring Final

Another term for a local law is ordinance
Another term for loyalty is allegiance
Another term for continuing forever is perpetual
The position at the federal government should not interfere with the states' exercise of their constitutional powers is known as state's rights
When governor Houston refused to sign an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, the Secession Convention declared his office vacant
The North and the South disagreed on what issues? slavery, tariffs, state's rights
An action that prevents goods and supplies from entering or leaving by water is known as a blockade
An action to prevent future attacks is known as a preventive strike
A member of a group that acts as an unauthorized police force is known as a vigilante
Texas was a vital link in the confederate chain of supplies because its cotton was exchanged for supplies from Europe
The Battle of Sabine Pass was an important victory for the Confederacy because it ended Union plans to launch a campaign against Texas
The Civil War lasted for how many years? What years were they? 4 years; 1861-1865
The opening shots of the Civil War began at Fort Sumter, South Carolina
The Confederate surrender of the Civil War occurred at Appomattox Courthouse
Who was the Confederate General during the Civil War? Robert E. Lee
Who was the Union General during the Civil War? Ulysses S. Grant
The Emancipation Proclamation did what? freed slaves in Confederate states
A mixture of rye, meal, Indian corn, and sweet potatoes was called Confederate coffee
The actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln was John Wilkes Booth
The last battle of the Civil War took place in Texas near Palmito Ranch
Compared to that of other Confederate states, the physical damage suffered by Texas was less
Texas woman who converted her home into a hospital was Rosanna Osterman
President of the United States, elected in 1860, was Abraham Lincoln
As a result of the South's surrender, the Texas state government improved drastically
Members of the 1861 convention in Montgomery, Alabama, formed the Confederate States of America
General who arrived in Galveston to make a proclamation that all enslaved Texans were free. Who was he? Gordon Granger
The Provisional Governor of Texas during Reconstruction was Andrew Hamilton
The day enslaved Texans celebrated their freedom was called Juneteenth (June 19)
The Freedman's Bureau helped former slaves in all of these ways EXCEPT loaning them money
The promise that Southerners had to make in order to regain voting rights during Reconstruction was called the Iron Plate Oath, Ironclad Oath, Iron Plat Oath
Laws that limited the rights of African Americans during Reconstruction were called black codes
The rebuilding plan preferred by former Confederates and secessionists was known as The Presidential Reconstruction Plan
Many carpetbaggers came to the South during Reconstruction for political and economic gain
The organization that used violence to prevent African Americans from voting was the KKK (Klu Klux Klan)
The leader who was removed from office for not putting Reconstruction laws into effect was James W. Trockmorton
Many people disliked Governor Davis because they thought he abused his political power
A refusal by a president or government to approve a law is veto
To approve formally is ratify
On March 30, 1870, President Grant signed a proclamation ending Reconstruction in Texas
The federal agency created to assist newly freed slaves was the Freedman's Bureau
The Union General whose cavalry occupied Austin in 1865 was George A. Custer
This amendment abolished slavery 13th amendment
Southern whites who supported Reconstruction were known as scalawags
The period of reestablishing governments in the south after the Civil War is called Reconstruction
African Americans were most likely to vote for which political party? Republicans
The military commander of Texas and Louisiana during Reconstruction was Philip Sheridan
The 16th president of the US was Abraham Lincoln
The 17th president of the US was Andrew Johnson
The 18th president of the US was Ulysses S. Grant
The judicial branch of the Texas Government____________the law. interprets
Name 3 different types of states' rights. 1) providing for militia 2) regulating commerce 3) creating a public school system
The facility that administers for juvenile offenders is known as Texas Youth Commission
Criminal law deals with all of the following EXCEPT insurance claims
Serious crime such as murder or arson is known as felony
Less serious crime such as disorderly conduct is known as misdeamenor
How many constitutions has Texas had? 7
The current constitution was adopted more than 100 years ago
Texas's first constitution was first written in 1827
Texas's current constitution was written in 1876
How many branches of government does Texas have? 3
Like the US Congress, the Texas legislature has __________houses. 2
Name the 3 branches of government 1)judicial 2)legislative 3)executive
Civil law is designed to: help settle disagreements
The original, and first constitution of Texas was written where? Coahuila y Tejas
A document that outlines fundamental laws and principles of laws is known as a Constitution
Give 3 examples of civil law and 3 examples of criminal law. Civil Law: divorce, insurance claims, child custody Criminal Law: arson, murder, theft
The roles of a constitution include all that follow EXCEPT outline powers for creating treaties
The Bill of Rights protects individual rights of citizens
In regards to Federalism, all of the following are powers reserved to the federal government EXCEPT creation of public schools
All of the following are part of the trial court system EXCEPT filing lawsuits
The 3 purposes of the judicial system in Texas are: 1)provides system for settling disputes 2) interpret laws 3) support a system of trial and punishment
Citizens of Texas live under both the Texas and the US constitution
Changes made to a constitution are known as amendments
A proposed law is a bill
The branch of the Texas government that enforces the law is the executive branch
The branch of the Texas government that makes the law is the legislative branch
The leader of the House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House
The leader of the Senate is the Lit. Governor
The legislature meets in regular session every _________years. 2
An expression of the legislature's opinion is a resolution
To reject a bill or prevent it from becoming a law is called a veto
The power of the governor to veto individual items on a spending bill is known as line item veto
The governor of Texas must meet what 3 qualifications? 1)older than 30 years old 2)resident of TX 5 years prior to election 3)US citizen
A plan for how much a state earns and how much it expects to spend is called a budget
Bicameral means 2 chambers
If a governor vetoes a bill, the bill: can still become a law
How many terms can a person serve as governor of Texas? endless
Redrawing legislative districts as the population changes is called redistricting
How many members does the Texas Senate have? 31
How many members do the House of Representatives have? 150
The Texas governor is elected for a term of ______years 4
The current governor of Texas is Rick Perry
The first woman governor of Texas was Miriam Ferguson
The power of the legislature to review the activities of the executive branch is called overiste
The Texas governor shares responsibility for drawing up the state budget with what other elected official? attorney general
A governor's veto can be overridden by the legislative branch by a ________vote. two thirds
The leader of the executive branch is the: governor
This leader from Mexico was known as a dictator: Santa Anna
Texas independence day was: March 2, 1836
Someone that enlists is a recruit
The right or left side of a military formation is a flank
Who worked to end slavery? abolishinists
Customs duties were tax on imports
How many counties are in Texas? 254
Created by: kwittner
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