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Rise of totalitaria

Terms to know about the rise of totalitarian states

Censorship Banning of all written, spoken, or visual messages critical of the government.
Media Systems of communication such as newspapers, radio, and television programs.
Black shirts Mussolini's fascist followers
Fascism The form of government that glorifies the state above the individual
Communism Ends all class differences and all private property
Reichstag The lower house of the German legislature
Enabling act This act allowed the government to ignore the construction so as to solve Germany's economic problems.
Stalinism A brutal form of communism imposed by a small group of party leaders
Anti-semitism Intense dislike and prejudice against the Jewish people.
Purged Forcibly removed
Politburo The policy-making body of the communist party
Five year plans These plans set economic goals for five-year periods
Collectivized Combined small farms into big ones
Militarism Under this the nation puts its military above everything
Authoritarian Dictatorships
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