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History Final Exam

chapters 17-20

Who preached "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"? Jonathan Edwards
The popular allegory "Pilgrim's Progress" was written by whom? John Bunyan
Who invented the seed drill? Jethro Tull
Which amendment outlawed slavery in the United States? 13th
What powerful French king called himself the "Sun King"? Louis XIV
The scientist who discovered the universal law of gravitation was ______________. Isaac Newton
Who wrote the famous oratorio "Messiah"? Handel
Adoniram Judson was a famous ____________ from America. missionary
Who was the English preacher who was America's best-known evangelist during the Great Awakening? George Whitefield
Who was the Austrian "Prince of Diplomats" at the Congress of Vienna? Prince von Metternich
Lord Nelson defeated Napoleon at the Battle of ______________. Trafalgar
Who was perhaps the greatest writer the world has ever known? William Shakespeare
The Wright brothers are remembered for developing the ________________. airplane
IMPORTANT: Where did Napoleon meet his FINAL defeat? Waterloo
Who paid most of the taxes in pre-revolutionary France? peasants
Who developed the steam locomotive? George Stephenson
Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
Who developed the steel plow? John Deere
Who produced the Model T? Henry Ford
Who developed the internal combustion engine? Gottlieb Daimler
Who invented the steam engine? James Watt
Who perfected the steamship? Robert Fulton
Who invented the telegraph? Samuel Morse
Who developed the reaper? Cyrus McCormick
Who invented the spinning jenny? James Hargreaves
who discovered the three laws of planetary motion? Johannes Kepler
The _______________ Work Ethic teaches that God expects all men to work. Protestant
What church was founded by John Wesley? Methodist
Minstrels were professional ______________ who wandered from town to town to perform their work. musicians
French Calvinist Protestants were also called _______________. Huguenots
Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh were painters of the __________________ movement, which stressed movement through light and color. Impressionist
What did Pilgrims call their non-Seperatist friends? Strangers
Who wrote "Paradise Lost, the greatest poem in the English language? John Milton
Who built the Palace of Versailles, to keep the nobles occupied? Louis XIV
Who wrote the book "The Origin of Species" to publish his theories of evolution? Charles Darwin
Where did the Pilgrims first settle in the New World? Plymouth
Who is the "Father of the English Hymn"? Isaac Watts
What was the name of the French castle-stronghold stormed during the French Revolution? Bastille
What was the first permanent scientific society of the Modern Age? Royal Society
Who was appointed commander-in-chief of the Continental Army? George Washington
Who wrote the Fifth Symphony? Ludwig van Beethoven
What invention by Eli Whitney revolutionized agriculture in the Southern United States? cotton gin
What country took the lead during the Industrial Revolution? England
What was Albrecht Durer's most famous drawing? Praying Hands
What American President guided the Union through America's Civil War? Abraham Lincoln
The practical application of science to industry. technology
The belief that the stars, not God, rule the destinies of men. astrology
What gave early government to the Pilgrim settlers? Mayflower Compact
French Version of Parliament Estates-General
A work of excellence that has stood the test of time. Classic
Middle class of France. bourgeoisie
ended the American War for Independence. Treaty of Paris
granted toleration to the Huguenots of France Edict of Nantes
Work was done in homes or small private shops domestic system
sun-centered view of the universe. heliocentric
Created by: shae2000
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