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CE. 14


Career planning starts with ___ which is an evaluation of a person's interests and abilities. Self-assessment
Employers seek to hire employees who demonstrate attitudes and behaviors of a strong ____ _____. Work Ethic
Higher ___ and/or ____ levels generally lead to higher incomes. Skills Education
Supply and Demand can influence job ____ as well. Income
Employers look to hire and promote employees who update their skills by keeping pace with ____ changes. Technological
What creates new jobs in the workplace all the time? Technological Advancements
The flow of information and technology permit people to work across ____ borders. International
Being able to work across international borders creates ___ for jobs in the United States from foreign workers. Competition
Being able to work across international borders can create ___ for U.S. workers to work for companies based in other countries. Opportunities
What is another word for financial? Fiscal
Being financially responsible includes making careful ___ decisions. Spending
Everyone who is being fiscally responsible should ___ and ___ for future needs. Save Invest
Everyone should purchase health, home, and car ____ to protect themselves in the event of expensive problems in the future. Insurance
All people who are fiscally responsible need to plan and keep to a ____ or plan of income and expenses. Budget
If you don't use ___ wisely you could end up with more debt than you are able to pay for. Credit
Everyone needs to understand how ____, ____, and ____ can protect our individual and consumer rights. All are enforceable by law. Contracts Warranties Guarantees
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