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Bush Years

Who spoke out of the challenge of building a "new world order" President Bush
In 1998, the people of several _____________nations of eastern europe overthrew their communist rulers. satellite
The Berlin Wall which had symbolized the _____________ dividing east from west was torn down. iron curtain
After a failed coup, _______ emerged as the dominant leader of the Soviet Union. Boris Yeltsin
The commonwealth of Independent States was a political union of many of the former.. Soviet Republics
Who sent an Iraqi invasion force to take over his oil-rich neighbor, Kuwait? Sadam Hussein
President Bush assembled a military coalition called, _______ to force withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait. Operation Desert Shield
The American and allied ground assault led by, ________ defeated the Iraqi army and freed Kuwait in approximately 100 hours. General Norman Schwartzkopk
The Tiananmen Square massacre of prodemocracy demonstrators by the communist leaders of the ____________ was used as an example of continuing trouble spots that might require maintaining a strong military to protect American interests. Peoples Republic of China
President Bush met with Boris Yeltsi to discuss reductions in the __________held by russia. nuclear weapons
Because of setbacks in the economy and layoffs by several companies ______became a increasingly serious problem as more people became unemployed. homelessness
The acquittal of police officers wo beat _______ became a flash point that ignited deadly rioting in Los Angele by people frustrated by the recession and poverty Rodney King
Created by: acallen