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civil war quiz #3

Civil war Quiz #3 Review

What officially ended slavery in the united states? Emancipation Proclammation
Who led the charge at Gettysburg? Maor Genral George Pickett
Why did Lee go straight up the gut at the battle of Gettysburg? The union troops were on the top of the hill and it was the heroic thing to do
What did Lincoln do at the gettysburg site a fewmonths after the big battle? gave a speech called the Gettysburg Address
Why was Johnson a intresting choice for Lincoln's running mate in the 1864 election? He was from the South but supported the Union.
What role did Admiral Farragut play in the Civil War? he was a anavel commander for the North even though he was from alabamma who captured New Orleans and Vickburg.
What was shermans mission on his march to the sea? to destroy sothern food and arms so the couldn't support the war.
What was a butternut? The southern uniform or a sothern soldier
What is a bag or a man purse of rations that soldiers would wear? Haversack
What term is for the case soldiers would put bullets or rounds in? cartridge box
What is the order of military importance called? rank
Who said,"War is Hell"? General Sherman
Who said, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead"? Admiral Farragut
What battle did the North win that is considered the turning point of the war because the South will never win another major battle? Gettysburg
What was Scott's "Great Snake" plan called that was designed to "Squeeze" the South? The Anaconda Plan
What term means for a navy to stop all trade and communications with a port? blockade
What country was the South getting most of its supplies from? England
Created by: tboever17