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MA in the Amer. Rev.

Massachusetts in the American Revolution

An act in which people stop buying something in order to make a point boycott
A letter, document, or statement that makes something known to everyone declaration
A person who wanted the thirteen colonies to remain loyal to England loyalist
The violent killing of many people massacre
A colonist who could be ready on short notice to fight the British Minutemen
An early battle of the Revolutionary War that showed the British that the colonists could fight well. Battle of Bunker Hill
He was silversmith who is well known for his midnight ride to warn that the British were coming. Paul Revere
A battle that people fight to replace one government with a different government. Revolution
Money people pay to the government tax
A person who wanted the thirteen colonies to be independent from England Patriot
Freedom from another's control Independence
The first battles of the American Revolution took place in these two towns. Lexington and Concord
This was written to declare independence from England Declaration of Independence
This event occurred because people were angry over the tax on tea Boston Tea Party
To complain against an idea or an action Protest
He was a true Patriot who spoke up for the rights of the colonists. He said colonists should break away from England. He became an important leader. Sam Adams
He was a silversmith who is well known for his midnight ride to warn that the British were coming. Paul Revere
He wanted the colonists to be free. He was a lawyer & Sam Adams' cousin. He later became the 2nd President of the United States. John Adams
He was the first Patriot to sign the Declaration of Independence. He later became the first governor of Massachusetts. John Hancock
He wrote the Declaration of Independence. He later became the 3rd President of the United States. Thomas Jefferson
She was a Patriot. She married John Adams and later became the First Lady. Abigail Adams
He was a Patriot who signed the Declaration of Independence. He also helped to write the United States Constitution. Benjamin Franklin
He led the American troops in the war against the British. He later became the first President of the United States. George Washington
It was the capital of the Massachusetts Colony, and it is the capital city today. Boston
The highest law that belongs to the United States and all Americans. It says how the government works. It creates Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. The Constitution
A set of rules that we live by. The law.
A group of men who met to write the Constitution. The Framers
Name two famous Framers. George Washington and Ben Franklin
This was the first ten changes to the Constitution. It lists many rights of the people.It protects important ideas and it protects your right to say what you want. It gives rules for the police. The Bill of Rights
Where did the Framers meet to write the Constitution? Independence Hall in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
These are changes that are made to the Constitution. These are things that were added that the Framers didn't think of in the beginning. Amendments
How many amendments have been made to the Constitution since it was written? 18
Give three examples of amendments that were added to the Constitution. Black men can vote. Women can vote. The President can only be elected twice.
List six events that led to the Revolutionary War. Taxes, The Stamp Act, Taxation Without Representation, The Quartering Act, The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party
The Act by the British that states that certain papers needed to have special stamps on them. The colonists had to pay for the stamps. Letters, newspapers and playing cards had to have the stamps. The Stamp Act
Colonists didn't have a say in what laws and taxes were passed in England. England would not let the colonists send representatives to the meetings. England was making rules for the colonists without letting them vote. Taxation Without Representation
The Act that states that when the British sent soldiers to Boston to get things under control when the colonists protested taxes, the soldiers could stay in the homes of the colonists. The colonists did not like having soldiers in their homes. The Quartering Act
An event where a crowd of colonists gathered at the Customs House where taxes were paid. British soldiers were guarding the building. The crowd shouted and threw snowballs at the soldiers. The soldiers shot and killed five colonists. The Boston Massacre
An event that took place when colonists were angry about the tax on tea. The Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams, boarded a tea ship and threw thousands of dollars worth of tea in Boston Harbor. The Boston Tea Party
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