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Active Citizenship

Practice for the quiz on Active Citizenship Basics

Litigation Settling a disagreement in court
Legislation the action of making laws
Innovation creating a new method to accomplish a task
Education The sharing of knowledge and skills
Cotton gin created in 1794, increased the value of slaves and cotton, innovation
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Law passed that provided fair treatment for African Americans, legislation
Brown vs. Board of Education court case that ended school segregation, litigation
Dr. Martin Luther King, JR "I have a dream speech" helped to educate people about the reality of treatment of African Americans.
Plessy v Ferguson court case that establishes "separate but equal" as the legal language of segregation
civil rights the rights of full equality
de facto segregation segregation by society , no official rules, but the people enforce
de jure segregation segregation that is created by laws that separate groups of people
Jim Crow laws Laws that separated people of different races in public places of the South
civil disobedience strategy used to try to create change by breaking a law that is believed to be unfair, public and non violent
13th Amendment amendment that ends slavery
14th Amendment amendment that grants citizenship to anyone born in the United States, and protects their rights to equal protection under the law
15th Amendment amendment that states you cannot deny the right to vote based on race, color, or having been a slave
Created by: mrfinkill