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Social Justice Justice is the most important thing We need social justice from institutions (school, jobs, etc) Social justice can only come from public conception of justice which would be everyone has and share the same ideas. This will allow us to prevent inequalit
Wathcmaker analogy human artifacts are products of human intelligence Universe resembles these human artifacts The universe is probably a product of intelligent design There possibly is a powerful and vastly intelligent designer who designed the universe
Dualism the claim that the mind (brain) and body are separate entities
Rawls difference principal The principle that inequalities are acceptable only if they attach to positions open to all (equal opportunity) and are of benefit to the worst-off members of society.
Malcolm X Black Nationalism Philosophy hich he defined as the philosophy that African-Americans should govern their own communities. He said that Black nationalists believe that African-Americans should control the politics and the economy in their communities and that they need to remove the
Purpose of King's letter directed to fellow clergy persons. he was worried regarding outsiders welcoming violence, not the right time, and methods were extrememe and breaking laws.
Socrates harm argument one must not do harm. therrefore socarates must not leave jail w/o athenian consent because if he destroys the law and whole city by leaving he is causing harm
functionalism mind is characterized by particular patterns of input- processing output. brain is like a hardware of a computer and the mind is the computer program
Memory Theory we persist through time as long as we can remember at least something from our past.
Experience machine plugging in whoevers life u want for 2 hours. we desire to live and experience rather than seek more pleasure by any means, even artifical ones.
affirmative and negative positions according to this view, positive rights usually oblige action, whereas negative rights usually oblige inaction. These obligations may be of either a legal or moral character
physicalism self, mind is identical to the product of the activities of the body or the brain.
contingency argument Every being that exist is either contingent or necessary.A necessary being on which all contingent being exist is what we mean by God therefore God exist
Veil of Ignorance Certain knowledge must be They only know that their society is subject to the circumstances of justice in order to be partial.Does not know their place in society.
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