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Final Exam Jasuta

Jasuta SLO Exam

What are 2 weapons of WWI? machine gun, bayonet, flame throwers, and, mustard gas
Where was most of WWI fought? In the trenches....
Where did immigrants have a medical exam and meet their relatives at the "Kissing Post?" At Ellis Island...
Why did immigrants leave (escape) their homeland? Poverty
What island did Chinese immigrants go to in California? They were excited, but nervous. Angel Island
What was the gift France gave to the U.S. which was a symbol of freedom? Statue of Liberty
What is the island where immigrants travelled thru in New York City? Ellis Island
What is it called when the government tries to persuade ( influence) people? Need an intended message and target audience. Propaganda
What was the time when the Stock Market crashed and the economy dropped in the U.S.? The Great Depression
What is it called when people lose their jobs? Unemployment
What is the reason the U.S. got involved in WWII? The boming of Pearl Harbor.
Name the event when the Nazi's forced the Jewish people in Europe into Concentration camps. Holocaust