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History Semester US

Semester Test

Supply -Side Economics Trickle-down economics
Jazz popular music of the 1920's, syncopation and improvisation
Nativism belief that ones native land needs to be protected from immigrants.
New Morality challenged traditional values/behavior, particularly the status of Women.
Fundamentalism a religious movement derived from Christian pamphlets.
THeory of Evolution belief that humans developed from lower forms of life, over millions of years.
Creationism belief that God created the world according to the Bible.
Volstead Act Federal law that gave government the power to police alcohol.
18th Ammendment prohibited the sale, manugacture, and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Harlem Renaissance NY City neighborhood that became the heart and sould of the African American Renaissance.
Flappers Jazz age females who broke free from traditional behavior.
installment plan to buy on credit and pay the prodict off on smaller payments over time, (considered shameful before 1920, normal after 1920.
bootlegging illegal production and distribution of alcohol, prevalent in rural America, and was the birth of Nascar.
assembly line divides operations into simple tasks and cuts unnecessary motion
disposable income income left over after you pay off all the bills.
speakeasies secret, illegal bar during prohibition (32,000 in NYC alone).
Warren G. Harding President, landslide win, administration marred by scandal
Herbert Hoover US sec. of Commerce, shaped economic policy in trade.
Henry Ford Automobile Tycoon who revolutionized the industry.
Orville Wright 1st man powered flight in world history.
Charles Lindbergh 1st transatlantic solo flight in 1927.
John Scopes Tennessee biology teacher arrested for teaching evolution.
Louis Armstrong Most famous jazz artist, trumpeter, New Orleans to Chicago.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 32nd US President, creator of the New Deal, only US president to pass 15 major pieces of legislation in his first 100 days in office.
Harry Hopkins Relief administrator of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration,one of FDR's most Trusted advisors.
Eleanor Roosevelt Touring America, she became the DR to address minority concerns.
John Maynard Keyes Many of the New Deal programs were based upon the theories of this British financier, called Keynesianism.
courth-packing FDR's attempt to restructure the Supreme Court, so it favored New Deal legislation
1st 100 days Period of Presidency, when they began inntroducing their administrative Program, and push for speedy passage. Presidential report card.
Fireside Chats FDR's weekly radio broadcasts, helped lend hope to listeners.
make-work projects- New deal projects that critics believed made little sense, created nothing of value, and created jobt just for the sake of creating jobs.
The "Brain Trust" Roosevelt's advisors, helped him experiment/write the New Deal relief programs
deficit spending When an administration abandons a balanced budget, and begins to borrow money to pay for large, government programs.
"Kristallnacht" The "night of broken glass"
"Blitzkrieg" German military strategy to sweep through the neutral European countries ("Lightning War")
"Luftwaffe" The German Air Force
Extermination camps German camps where the feeble/youth were sent to be gassed and incinerated, or face a firing squad
Benito Mussolini Dictator of Italy, II DUCE
Joseph Stalin Communist Dictator in Russia
Adolf Hitler Dictator of Germany, DER FEHRUR
Gen. Francisco Franco Dictator of Spain
Franklin Delano Roosevelt American President
Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britain
Henry Kaiser Skyscraper builder who built Liberty Ships
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower US General, Supreme Commander of all Allied forces, and leader of operations in Sicily, Italy, and Normandy
"kamikaze" Japanese "suicide plots"
Enola Gay The B-29 that dropped atomic bombs on Japan
G.I.'s Nick-name of American soldiers during WWII, related to the government issued uniforms and equipment.
"Rosie the Riveter" Female symbol portrayed in Gov't. propoganda.
Harry S Truman 33nd US President.
Mao Zedong Communist CHinese leader
Chiang Kai-shek Nationalist Chinese Leader
Gen. Douglas McCarthy WWII Army General in the Pacific, Hero, was relieved of his command by Truman in 1953 for disobeying orders.
J. Edgar Hoover Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th US president
Nikita Khrushchev Russian leader who seized power in 1956. "peaceful coexistence"
Francis Gary Powers American spy pilot shot down over the USSR in 1958
Soviet Satellites Eastern European nations, fell to Communist rule after WWII
Marshall Plan European aid, to rebuild economies and contain communism
Truman Doctrine 400 million pledged to contain communism in E. Europe
"Hollywood Ten" Writers and Directors imprisoned for failing to answer ?
Central Intelligence Agency US government agency that carries out covert operations
the Demilitarized Zone DMZ, or longest fortified border in the world
Insubordination Failing to follow the orders of a Superior
SPUTNIK Soviet Satellite, 1st to orbit the earth
"Brinkmanship" Nuclear threats to the verge of war, without avtually going to war
Alan Freed and Elvis Presley One coinged the phrase "Rock 'n Roll" and the other is considered the "King" of Rock 'n Roll.
Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk Scienties who rid the world of Polio
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