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People in US History

3rd Grade US History

Harriet Tubman Worked on underground railroad helping over 300 slaves to freedom. Female abolitionist leader.
Thomas Edison Invented the Phonograph. Electrical genius.
George Washington "Father of our Country" presided over Constitutional Convention in 1787.
Susan B. Anthony Worked hard to gain women the right to vote. 1979 put on a U.S. Coin.
Thomas Jefferson Wrote the Declaration of Independence. 3rd President of United States.
Louisa May Alcott Famous female author of Little Women and Little Men. Nurse during civil war.
Neil Armstrong First man to step on the moon. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
Albert Einstein Theory of Relativity. Born in Germany, became citizen of US in 1940.
Martin L. King Jr. Leader in the civil rights movement. Awarded Nobel Peace Prize 1964.
Mrs. Knight Susan B. Anthony's courage to stand for women's rights enabled me to now be the principal at an elementary school.
Created by: epurifoy