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Final - Dye

Final study cards

1. Liberal -They belive in the goverment actions to have equel for all. -Normally they want the goverment to solve the problems.
2. Comservation -They belive in persnal respnsbility. -They want limited goverment.
3. Moderate -They belive in some of Liberals. -They also belive in some of the conservtive.
4. Radical -This can be extreme. -Or it can be a charge form.
5. Wester World -This is also knen as the sunset west. -Chirtainanty is a big part of the Western area.
6. Eastern World This is part od east Asia. -There is found to be moeBuddism and hinduism. -There is found to be more Buddism and Hinduism there.
7. Berlin Airlift -Us, France, and Britain merged their zones in 1948, created independent went to Germany state -Creation of east and west german
8. Cuban Missile Crisis - This was close to WW3 -But lased October 16-28. -This resulted in the bay of pigs.
9. McCarthyism -The practice of making unfair allegations. -It can also be in order to political. criticism.
10. NATO -This was a organizatio formaed in Washington, DC in 1949. - That 12 nations of the Atlantic pact togeather with Greece, Turkey and France Republic of Germany.
11. 1980 Olympic Games -A large boycott of the Olympics. -In the 1979 the Sovites invasion of Afghanistan so the US and 61 other countrys decited to boycott the olmics..
12. Space Race -After WW2, the US and the Soviet Union were aganist eachother. -They fought to see who had the better tecnology, during the 20 centry.
13. U2 Incident - It was a plane that was shot down. -The US was saying we didn't have a spy plane, but they said we did cause they had our plane. -Powers was taking pictures and then got shot down.
14. Afghanistan -The US trained some of their men. -Sovit war was in here. -They usd that training to cause 9/11
15. Warsaw Pact -This is a treaty that works with the European countries. -This is also formed the Sovite Union in 1955.
16. Domino Theory -This is a theory that a political event in one country causes a simaler event to happen in an other country. -This normally happens under Communist control.
17. Chernobyl -This is a city in Ukraine. -It was a nuclear plant accident in 19868.
18. Mr Jones -Czar Nicholas 2, ran out of Russa -he was a Leader.
19. Napoleon -Joseph Stalin -Use of KGB -Belifes about commuism
20. Old Major -Karl Marx -Contribution of the communist
21. Snowball -Leon Trotsky -Communism
22. Squealer - Propagands Department -`machine`
23. Peter the Great -He built up the navy. -He also made St. Petersburg.
24. Catherine the Grate -She extents Russia into China and Alaska. -She believs in a strong cuture and military.
25. Ivan the Great -He was the prince that became the mongelu. -He also was the 1st czar of Russia and won Krev back.
26. Ivan the Terrible -He expanded Russia into Eurupe. -He is known as bad.
27. Putin -He was the 2nd ruler of Russia, the 1st ruler was a drunk. -He was also a commism.
28. Lenin -He was leader of the USSR until he died. -He doesn't want the western world.
29. Stalin -When Lenin died he took power -Set up labor camps -Didn't want WW 2, so he singed a traty but Hiyler went aginst it. -They followed policias Lennin started.
30. Gorbachev -Mikhail Sergeyevich is the president of the Soviet Union. -His policey helped him to end the cold war.
31. Trotsky -Lennin wanted him to be in charge. -Should have been in power instead of Stalin.
32. Marx -The working class were victims of capitalism. -He wanted a "victim-less" society.
33. Reagan - He was elected in 1981. -He made the first move during the cold war.
34. Why is Russia's population declining? -The birth rates are decreasing. -There is also more people dieing.
35. 3 current challenges for Russia? -Their unemploment rate has gone down. -They are the larges and powerful in the Soviet Union. -They also have a larg empire.
36. Main religion of Russia? -75% of the population is the Orthodox Christian. -While Islam is 5%.
37. Main religion of Russia? -8% of them are atheists. -There are 4 main religions, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism
38. Russia's dispute with Japan? -They re still arguing over 4 islands. -This has been going on since WW1
39. Czar -A few czar are Ivan the 3 and Ivan the 4th. -Peter the Great and Catherin the 3 were also czar.
40. Proletariat - It is the workers. -It is the physical stuff. -They have barly and pay and the boss doesnt care a lot about you.
41. Glasnost -A policy that developed from the Sovite Union. -The leader was Mikhail.
42. Perestoika --Its a program of ecomic and politcal reforrom in the Sovite Union. -This happed in the 1986.
43. Bourgeoisie - They are weathy. - They also make the rules (owners).
44. Russification -This is an adoption of the Russian language. -They also adopted some other things.
45. Serfs in Russia -Is is a person who has to legally stay on his farm. -They are a slave to the person who owns the land.
46. Zionism --This is world wide Jewish movment. -It established and developed in Isreal.
47. Ayatollah -He called the US the "Greater Saten". -He came to Iran to over throw the Shah.
48. OPEC - this is the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. -They produse oil.
49. Balfour Declaration -This is a letter to the Rothschild. -It amimed to the Jewish and suppored for the allies in the first world war.
50. Truman Doctrine -This said that the United States could provide politicaland the military. - They threatend by communist, they also have hostile camps. -Also it withdrew the US wit any problems that didn't involve us.
51. Nasser -Nasser led a coup that resulted in overthroeing the Egyptice King. -This referred to the Israel.
52. Arafat -It is the Palestinian leader. -It was head of the palestine Liberation.
53. Shah -It is a title for the former Iran. -It is a ruler of the middle eastern countrys.
54. Camp David Accords -This was a peace treaty so the Isreal troops would withdraw from Sinai Peninsula. -Egypt finally recognized Isral.
55. Arab Spring -Revoolutionas tendencis of the middle east since 2010. -News is in the making.
56. Sykes-Picot It was an argreement between the FRench and British to divide the Arabs world between them. -This was in the 1916.
57. Ottoman Empire - They have communal politics and have limited goverment. -Tey also have a strong civil socity.
58. Power Source WW1- WW2 -In WW1 they used coal/ -In WW2 they used oil.
59. U. S middle east oil development - The oil was avaiable but took a long time to refine. -The oil in the middle east was protected by the Russians and British in Iran, so the Germans couldn't get to it.
60. Shia/Sunni Sunni- The best person is voted to be in charge. Shia- They person in charge is born into it.
61. Nation/State/Natiom-State --A Nation is a group of people connected by a langage, ethnic or religion. --A State is a contaion a perment population, econmany, and self goverinig. --A Nation State has a population and has a degree of culture, like Japan.
62. Stages og Genocide -There is Classication, symbolization, dehumanization, and organization. -There are also polarization, preparation, extermination, and denial.
63. AIDS originated -People belive it came from Western Aferica. -People found that it came through animals and afte eating it, they dot it.
64. Apartheid -It is a system in South Aferica. -Or it can be on the ground of race.
65. Mandela -He went to jail. -Then became percident of South Aferica.
66. ANC/PAC -This is banned in Africa. -they are said that they are unlawful.
67. IMF - This is the International Monetary Fund. -There are 188 countries that are working to foster global monetary.
68. Three G's - Gold -God -Glory
69. HIPC -This is heavy inited poor country. -9 countrys decid of your country is poor or not.
70. Berlin Conference of 1885 - There are 14 Europen nations that are meet to lay down rules for division of Africa. -THere isn't any African groups states in the meeting.
71. Social Darwinism -This is a therory that was created by Darwinism in the 19 centrey. -The therory talks about the evutution that Darwin belived in.
72. Caste System - This Organization is determaned by birth. -You can only marry in your own caste.
73. Characteristics of each Caste -Brahmins, priests, teachers, and judes are at the top. -Next are the Kshatrigas, who are warriors and rulers. _After them comes Vaisyas, they are skilled traders and farmers. -Finally at the bottom are the untouchables, they do the dirty work.
74. Parkistan/India break -Muslim League started killing non -Muslims people. -Then Britain created a different state for non-muslems.
75. Bangladesh/India break -Banglesh broke away wit the help from India. -Then Pakistand went away from India
76. India issues/challenges -They are the 2 most populated country in the world. -They also have the biggest democracy in the world.
77. Four keys to success -Geo. integerity(protecting borders) -Ecological sustain(respeccting the planet) -Agricuiturai sur. (having more than enpugh to trade) -Internal ordwe (enforcing laws)
78. Indus River Valley -This is an Asian river that flows through northern India. -The river vally was the Indus site of an early civilization.
79. Hinduism -There is a 80% population, a large ethnic religion in the world. -They belive that all the gods are part of a single spirt. -The politics party is based on the system.
80. Madrassa -This is a school that tought men tostudy theology. -It espacially to a school that attached to a mosque.
81. Bushido -It is a code of the samurais. -It shows loyalty and honnor. -This is the way of the worrior.
82. "Buddha" meaning - Is the Elightment one. - He is a guy who sat under the tree.
83. "Japan" meaning - it is the Land of the Rising Sun - Its like in lion king
84. Japanese culture borrowed -they borrowed the writting and art. -They also barrowed the way of life.
85. Arable -This is the use of suitable for growning crops. -Farmers do this.
86. Diffusion(s) -There is relcation and hierarchical. -There is also expanison.
87. Shogun -Heredity commander in chief in the fudal Japan. -This is cause his military power and weaken the head of state. -It is the supreme of the generasl of the empor army
88. Shintoism - This is a religion in Japan. -It is a system of nature and ancestor worship.
89. Types of Religion - Theanimise are the spirits. -Then the ethnic is when your born into it.
90. Four Noble Truths -This is a map to elightment. -This is used in Budism.
91. People's Republic of China/Republic of China -This is a commuinst country. -The republic of china is Taiwan. -They cover most of eastern Asia eary.
92. End of Chinese Dynasties - The 1911 Revoiution ended the chinese dynastie. -This happen in 1911.
93. Great Leap Foward -Mao started it in the 1958. It was for large industry and huge infrastructure. -Ten of millions more Chinese citizens died during this.
94. Cultural Revolution -In 1966 Mao got rid of enemies of China (intellectucls, scientist) -The goal was to creat new China.
95. Mao Zedong -He seen as the "father of new China" -He took control of the mainland China. -He made labor camps like Hitler.
96. Five Year Plane -This lasted through 1953-1958. -Mao foicsed less agirculture and more idusrty in 5 years.
97. One Cild Policy -One China policey is the idea that Talwa and china merged together. -This is saying that they want people to only have one kid.
98. One Cild Policy -Abortion was legal in China and sometimes encourged if the parents were expecting a girl. -Then prenatal sex screaning was banned in 1944. -This was part of the 5 year plane.
99. Taiwan -They would traid with the U.S, Japan and China. -China still controls them under martial laws. -The U.S wants Taiwan and China to be togeather agian but liked to traid with Taiwan.
100. Greatest decade-ever! -During the this time th boycott of the Olympic games hapeen. -The USSR begain during the end of the 80's.
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