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SHMS 6th SS Vocab 1

SHMS 6th Grade Social Studies Vocab 1

Culture all the knowledge and values shared by a society.
Government the system of people, laws, and officials that define and control the country that you live in.
Autocracies One person, usually a dictator, rules the country with absolute authority. The people have very little to no say in government.
Democracy Government officials are chosen through elections and citizens participate in government by voting and running for office.
Parliamentary Democracy A type of democracy in which the head of state, the Prime Minister, is chosen by the parliament and serves as the parliaments leader.
Presidential Democracy A type of democracy in which the head of state is elected by the people and does not serve as the leader of the legislature, although he works with the legislature.
Monarchy An autocracy governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority
political map A map designed to show governmental boundaries of countries, states, and cities
physical map A map designed to show the physical features of an area
Acid Rain Rain that has been made acidic by air pollution
Natural Resource Something that is found in nature and is useful or necessary to humans
Climate The weather of a location over time
Diversity Differences among a group people
Air Pollution chemicals or other materials put in the atmosphere by humans; causes harm or discomfort to humans and/or the environment
Peninsula a body of land surrounded on three sides by water
Continent huge landmass; there are seven that make up the world
Population the total number of people living in a country, city, or any district or area
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