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The Great War WWI

World War One test

What are the 4 MAIN causes of WWI? Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism
Define Alliance An agreement between countries to help each other reach a common goal
Define Nationalism A feeling of pride, loyalty and protectiveness towards one's country or ethnic group
Define Imperialism and how it caused tension in Europe A policy where a stronger nation competes for trade and resources in a weaker country. Germany felt that it deserved more colonies
Who was part of the Central powers? Germany, Austria and Ottoman Empire
Who was part of the Allied powers? Britain, France, Russia, Serbia and eventually the United States
What sparked the war in Europe to start? The assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand(future King of Austria) who was killed by a Serbian National.
How did a small conflict between two countries turn into a all out world war? Alliances
What was American's stance at the start of the war? Why? Their stance was neutral because they thought it would cause fighting within the country due to the large amount of immigrants
What are the two events that forced the United States into the war? The sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmermann Telegram
Explain why the sinking of the Lusitania upset so many Americans? The Germans were using unrestricted submarine warfare and sunk the ship killing 128 Americans
Explain the Zimmermann Telegram Germany wanted to form an alliance with Mexico to help them regain land they lost to America. Germany did this to keep the US occupied in the West and prevent them from joining the war
What year did the war start? What year did the US enter the war? 1914 1917
In what ways did Americans from home help with the war effort? Grew victory gardens, meatless and wheatless days. Converted factories into war production factories and bought war bonds.
What were the Espionage Act of 1917 and Sedition Act of 1918? These acts allowed the government to jail people that spoke out against the war in order to help the war effort.
What were the ways the US Military helped the Allies Convoy system raised morale helped push the Germans back from the Marne River
What treaty did Russia make with Germany and why? The treaty was the Brest-Litovsk (peace with Germany). They did this to concentrate on turning their country into a Communist State.
What were the terms of the Amristice Germany had to pull troops out of the Western Front, cancel the Treaty with Russia, surrender all their Uboats and Kaiser Wilhelm II had to step down from power.
What was the purpose of Wilson's 14 points? This was a call for international peace keeping.
What were some of the terms in Wilson's 14 points End secrete agreements, freedom of the seas, free trade among nations, reduction in militarism, settle imperialism disputes, and self determination for minority groups
Who were the big four that attended the peace conference in France? George Clemenceau of France David Lloyd George of Britain Vittorio Orlando of Italy Woodrow Wilson of the United States
Why didn't Wilson's plan go over well with the other members of the big 4? They had already violated the terms of his plan
What were the terms of the final peace keeping agreement the, Treaty of Versailles? Germany had to take full blame for the war and pay huge war reparations.
Even though Wilson disagreed with the final peace keeping agreement, why did he support it? He wanted to see the creation of his peace keeping organization the League of Nations
Why did the US Congress oppose the League of Nations? They felt that is would limit the ability of the US to act independently.
List 3 major issues the US faced after the war? The flu epidemic Lack of jobs for soldiers returning home A "Red" or communist scare
Describe Trench Warfare A type of fighting where both sides hide in trenches and fight from a distance by firing artillery grenades and poison gas into the enemy's trench, rarely seeing the enemy.
List the new technologies used during the war Tanks, machine guns, grenades, poison gas, airplanes and submarines
Created by: Mrs.Nicholson
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