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causes of imperialism -superiority of american culture, manifest destiny, anglo saxonism, john fiske -belief that the nation needed a large navy for security -belief that the economy needed overseas markets -us wanted new markets for its products
cont. causes of imperialism -powerful navy and trade control were key to world power -"destiny" of the US to spread its power and civilization to other parts of the world
EFFECTS of imperialism SPANISH AMERICAN WAR!!! -cuba became an independent nation -[treaty of paris] US aquired Guam, Puerto Rico and Philippines -US fought 3 year war to secure control over philippines
Platt Amendment attached to Cuban constitutionby senator Orville PLATT: -cuba coudlnt make treaty with another nation thatd weaken its independence -cuba could allow the US to buy/lease naval stations in cuba
cont. platt ammendment -cubas debts had to be kept low to prevent foreign countries from landing troops to enforce payments -US would have the right to intervene to protect cuban independence and keep order
Panama Canal 1901= US and Panama signed Hay-Pauncefote treaty -> gave US exclusive right to build any canal thru central America ->>> led to Panam revolt then all good
China open door policy=all countries allowed to trade with china -Boxer rebellion: led by society of harmonious fists [boxers]->decided to destroy foreign devils & chinese christians ->beseiged foreign embassies killing 200+ ->ambassador from germany killed
Philippines opening new markets and trade possibilities, belief that theyre superior to others and to spreas christianity
Cuba became a US economic colony
puerto rico foraker act: established a civil government for the island, 1917 congress granted american citizenship -> still debate over weather shpuld be a state, independent, or stay a self governing common wealth
guam seized in spanish american war and annexed after agreement w/ spain
HAY treaty 1901: hay pauncefote treaty -> gave US exclusive right to build any canal thru central america
open door policy allowed each foreign nation in china to trade freely in other nations "spheres of influence"
monroe doctrine american continents were not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any european power
roosevelt corollary the us would intervene in latin american affairs when necessary to maintain economic and political stability in western hemisphere *goal was to prevent european powers form using the debt problems of latin america to justify intervening in the region
USS maine sent to havana harbor during loyalist riots in havana for protection of americans; 2/15/1898 exploded and sank in harbor-> believed to be sabotage but not proven ->>>LED TO WAR PREP BY US!!! >:)
Created by: sarahthrall