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sfs ss final

chapter 5 - section 3

what a person leaves behind when he or she dies legacy
period when the Greek language and Greek ideas spread to the non-Greek peoples of southwest Asia Hellenistic Era
kingdom located north of Greece; the Greeks looked down on the Macedonians but by 400 B.C. Macedonia had become a powerful kingdom Macedonia
became king of Mecedonia in 359 B.C. and had lived in Greece as a young man and admired everything about the Greeks Phillip II
---- wanted to make his kingdom strong enough to defeat the Persian Empire Phillip II
in order to achieve his goal of defeating the Persian Empire Phillip needed to ----the Greek city-states with his own kingdom unite
Philip II ---- a vast army of foot soldiers and began taking over the city-states one by one vast
in 338 BC, the ----- crushed the Greek allies at the Battle of Chaeronea and Phillip gained in control of most of Greece; Phillip was murdered before he could carry out his plan to conquer the Persian empire Macedonians
----- was Phillip'S son and was only 20 when his father died and he became king of Macedonian Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great was a very skilled military ---- who helped extend Greek and Macedonian rule over a cast area leader
Alexander and his --- spread Greek art, ideas, language, and architecture wherever they went in southwest Asia and northern Africa armies
Alexander's ---- marked the beginning of the Hellenistic Era conquests
Alexander's empire stretched across 3 continents - Europe, Africa, and Asia Alexander's Vast Empire
city in northern Egypt (on the Mediterranean) that was designed \ built by Alexander the Great Alexandria
Alexandria became one of the most ---- cities of the ancient world where the Lighthouse of Alexandria was located important
philosophy founded by Epicurus in Hellenistic Athens; taught that happiness through the pursuit of pleasure was the goal of life Epicureanism
philosophy founded by Zeno in Hellenistic Athens; taught that happiness came not from emotions, but from following reason and doing one's duty Stoicism
person who studies stars, planets and other heavenly bodies astronomer
branch of mathematics that shows how points, lines, angles, and surfaces relate to one another plane geometry
branch of mathematics that studies spheres and cylinders solid geometry
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