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cold war history

list 2 african nations that recieved their freedom from england during th 1900s egypt nigeria
list 2 african nations that recieved their freedom from france during the 1900s moracco ghana
during a speech wilson churchhill called the separation of communists nations in europe the iron curtain
the cold war was a fierce rivalry between the soviet union US
the cold war lasted from 1945 to 1990
november 9 1989 is the offical date of what major event that helped end the cold war the berlin wall fell
original leader of the soviet union joseph stailin
strategy to keep communists from spreading containment
became the first black presedent for the nelson mandela
stailin promises to hold free election in the soviets territory potdam conference
relaxation of tentions detente
germany is split into 4 military zones yalta confrence
leader of the soviet union durning the cuban missle crisses nikita khrushev
apartheid appartness
allowing the US funds to be used to fight communism trumen doctrun
re formed the soviet union mikhail gorbachev
called the soviet union evil empire ronold regan
britain took control of SA after this boar wars
leader of north vietnam suring the veitnam war ho chi minh
lines separating the north and south korea 38th parallel
led the US troops in korea before getting fired dougless mcarther
US presedent during the korea war dwight eisenhower
US pres. during the cuban missile crisis john f kennedy
US pres. who visited china durng the cold war richard nixion
communist leader of cuba that placed a missiles on his island fidel castro
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