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WWII history

list 2 countries taken by hitler and germany during the first year of the war belgium france
who were the 2 famous US generals who helped the allies to victory eisenhower patton
list the 2 taken by hitler and germany before war offically started austria czechslovakia
list 3 members of the big 3 that planned for life after war was over including which country each represented stailin-russia churchill-england FDR-USA
list 2 members of the allie powers france and england
list 2 members of the axis powers germany japan
hitler commits suiside to keep him for being arrested april 30 1945
the attack at normandybeach (d-day) june 6 1944
the attack on pearl harbor december 7 1941
atomic bomb dropped on hioshima august 6 1945
atomic bomb dropped on nagasaki august 9 1945
offical starting date of WWII september 1 1939
victory in japan august 15 1945
victory in europe may 7 1945
aircraft carrier was sunk at pear harbor the arizona
lightning war blitzkreg
czech. landed boardering germany taken over by hitler sudetenland
general who was the US leader of troopsin the pacific doughles mcarthur
tookover as US presedent after the death of FDR harry truman
england and france met with germany munich conference
the big 3 meet and plan for life after war tehran conference
ghermany land on the border of france rhinland
giving up smaller demands to avoid bigger problems appeasement
england prime minister during WWII winston churchill
Created by: laurenwvu